25+ DIY Clever Single Wide Mobile Home Storage Ideas

If you live in a single-wide mobile home, you know the lifestyle comes with unique challenges. Although the "tiny home" and modular homes are gaining popularity, the struggle of organizing your belongings within the confines of small spaces remains. 

Some strategies and clever solutions must be implemented for single-wide mobile home owners to beat the clutter and maintain a tidy space. If you live in a single-wide mobile home or tiny home, you may not feel like you have enough space, but with a few clever DIY solutions, you can add extra storage for your important things. 

A single-wide mobile home is anywhere from 14-18 feet wide, leaving very little room to efficiently store and organize belongings without getting creative and putting some storage space systems in place. Thankfully, plenty of solutions are available to help you get the most out of your limited space. 

These storage options allow you to enjoy peace, organization, and happiness in your small home.

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Challenges of Organizing in a Single-Wide Mobile Home

One of the most significant challenges that single-wide mobile homeowners face is maximizing their available space and storing as many items as possible while maintaining a sense of order and organization. This is a difficult task, considering the limited width of single-wide mobile homes. 

While a traditional home tends to have multiple rooms, hallways, and walk-in closets where items can be organized and stored, the absence of square feet in a single-wide mobile home can make it tough to create an efficient system for storage. 

The shape of single-wide mobile homes also allows for limited vertical space. Working with lower ceilings, long straight walls, and small closets is not a problem with bigger homes and simply requires a shift in mindset. Due to the limited space, it’s easy for clutter to accumulate if not properly managed. 

One specific challenge we hear from folks who live in single-wide mobile homes or RVs is that there is no space for holiday decor or seasonal items. As full-time RVers, we have several solutions to create a clean and tidy living space with plenty of mobile home storage options. 

When you implement some of these solutions, each item throughout your entire home will have its own designated place. 

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Ideas for Organizing Your Single-Wide Mobile Home


The first step in any organization project is always to purge. We personally follow these steps to eliminate clutter.

  • Set a goal. Decide on a goal for decluttering your home, such as sorting through and removing half of your possessions or creating a more minimalist living space.
  • Start with one room. Start with one room at a time and focus on decluttering that space before moving on to the next room.
  • Use the four-box method. Use the four-box method to sort items into categories: keep, donate, sell, and trash.
  • Get rid of duplicates. You only need one of most items such as kitchen utensils, towels, and bedding.
  • Get rid of items you haven't used in a year. If you haven't used it in a year, it is unlikely you will ever use it.
  • Donate or sell items. If throwing items in the trash feels wasteful, donate them or sell them.
  • Create a system for incoming items. Create a system for incoming items such as mail, magazines, and packages to prevent clutter from building up. Related: Create Your Own Kickass Kitchen Command Center
  • Keep surfaces clear. Keep surfaces such as countertops and tables clear of clutter to create a more spacious and organized living space.

Maximize Wall Space

Since the footprint of your mobile home is on the small side, create storage space by maximizing wall space. 

Here are some ways to maximize wall space for organizing and storage:

These are just a few examples of the many ways to maximize wall space for organizing and storage.

Bookshelves and Wall Units

Using a bookshelf as a room divider and to store items is an ideal storage solution for single-wide homes, as it provides both a physical separation of space and an easy way to store items in a compact area.

Bookshelves are a great choice because they fit perfectly in small spaces since they are designed to take up minimal floor space while also providing maximum storage. Many bookshelves have adjustable shelves which allow you to customize the height and location of each shelf depending on your needs. This makes them perfect for storing items of varying sizes, from bulky blankets and pillows to smaller knickknacks like framed photos or collectibles. 

Best of all, the back panel on most bookshelves doubles as a great place for hanging artwork or other decorative elements that can add even more personality to any room.

Open shelves are great for decorative items and storing essentials that look pretty and won't become cluttered. If you struggle to keep open shelves tidy, opt for bookshelves with a few cabinet doors.

Cube storage is always a great option for adding storage. It is versatile, hides clutter, and can be moved around easily.

Under Bed Storage

Under-bed storage drawers are a great way to store items such as extra blankets, pillows, and seasonal clothing that you don't need to access daily. 

The rolling drawers are offered in various sizes, so even if your space is limited, you can find one to fit perfectly beneath your bed. Repurpose storage bins to slide under your bed if drawers aren't an option for you.

Maximize Kitchen Area

There are many ways to maximize space in a small kitchen. Here are some ideas:

These are just a few examples of the many ways to maximize space in a small kitchen. 

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Storage Furniture

Furniture with compartments offers clever storage solutions.There are many types of storage furniture available, including:

  • Modular Sofas with Storage. Sofas and loveseats from companies like Home Reserve are modular and offer copious amounts of built-in storage.
  • Wardrobes. A freestanding closet with hinged or sliding doors, it can be used for storing clothes and other personal items.
  • Storage Beds. Storage beds come with built-in drawers or shelves that can be used for storing clothes, linens, and other items.
  • Storage Ottomans and Poufs. These lovely pieces of furniture double for seating and for storing items such as blankets, pillows, and magazines.
  • Coffee Table with Storage. Not only is a coffee table a nice aesthetic addition to a living room, it is also a storage solution.Find a coffee table with drawers, shelves, or hidden compartments for storing books, magazines, and other items.

These are just a few examples of the many types of storage furniture available. 

Custom Closets

Create a custom master bedroom closet system with adjustable shelving and hanging rods. Custom closets offer storage systems able to fit into almost any shape of space, making them highly versatile. 

Adjustable shelving and hanging rods make it easier to rearrange the closet. With this storage solution, single-wide homeowners can optimize their smaller space and find the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Over the Door Organizers

Use over-the-door organizers for each interior door for shoes, cleaning supplies, or toiletries. Over-the-door organizers are great for storing shoes, cleaning supplies, and toiletries. 

They come in many sizes and shapes, from simple single shelves to more elaborate triple-shelf designs with spots for bottles, cans, and boxes. They are also easy to install, so you can quickly install them without any tools or access points required.

Maximize Overlooked Spaces

Look around your mobile home for overlooked spaces. The water heater closet is often an overlooked space in a home, but it can be maximized for storage and functionality. 

One idea is to use the empty area in the water heater closet or any other utility closet to store rarely used items cluttering your house. You can install shelves or cabinets to maximize the vertical space and keep everything organized. 

Another idea is to use the water heater closet as a utility closet to store cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaners, and other household items. You can also store seasonal items such as winter coats, boots, and holiday decorations. 

Create Multipurpose Rooms

If your tiny house has a guest room consider how often you have guests at your home and what other uses the room can have. Don't waste an entire room for an occasional guest. And don't allow the room to become a cluttered storage room.

We came up with several ideas about creating a multi-purpose room from a guest room. 

First, you can use a murphy bed, daybed, or sofa bed instead of a traditional bed to make the room more versatile. 

Second, you can add a desk or a work area to turn it into a home office. 

Third, you can add a TV and a comfortable seating area to turn it into a media room. 

Fourth, you can add bookshelves and a reading nook to create a library or a study area. 

Fifth, you can use a room divider or a curtain to separate different areas of the room. 

Sixth, you can use storage solutions such as built-in cabinets or shelves to keep the room organized and clutter-free. 

Lastly, you can use flexible and multi-functional furniture pieces to maximize the space.

Organize and Store Seasonal Items

Seasonal items such as seasonal decorations and seasonal clothes are important to our quality of life but can present a storage challenge. If items will fit in large plastic storage containers and you have a place to stow them, your problem is solved.

If seasonal items are cluttering up your home and you have yard space, consider installing a storage shed.

The Illusion of Space

If you have decluttered and implemented storage solutions and you are still frustrated by your cramped space, make it look bigger. Cleaning your windows and opening curtains to allow natural light into the space is the best way to expand how your mobile home looks and feels.

One expert trick to make a space look bigger is to paint the walls with lighter and neutral colors. Dark colors absorb light and make the room feel smaller and stuffy. 

Another clever trick is to use mirrors to create the illusion of more space. Installing larger mirrors in small showers, baths, and comfort rooms make the spaces feel more spacious. 

Hang window treatments from the floor to ceiling and higher and wider than the window moldings to create the illusion that the window is larger than it is.

Organizing a single wide mobile home can be a challenge due to limited space. However, with some creativity and a bit of DIY know-how, it's possible to create a functional and stylish living space. From using vertical space to getting rid of duplicates, there are many clever organizing ideas that can help you make the most of your home. By implementing some of these ideas, you can create a more organized and clutter-free living space that is both practical and beautiful. So, roll up your sleeves and get started on your next DIY project to transform your single wide mobile home into a well-organized and inviting space. 

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