Create Your Own Kickass Kitchen Command Center

Learn how to create an effective and transformative kitchen command center that will bring you joy and clarity. You and your family will beat entryway clutter and reclaim tidy living. 

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Everyone has a "coming home" routine. Maybe you throw your keys, mail, and bag on a chair by the door and your partner drops their stuff on the kitchen counter. Once the dust has settled and it is time to run out on an errand, you can't find your keys, the credit card statement is missing from the pile of mail and you can't find the wedding RSVP that you need to send back. 

Being unorganized and continuously looking for lost objects steals time from our schedules and also affects our mental health. If you are ready to organize your life with a simple system, keep reading.

What Is a Kitchen Command Center?

Kitchen command center

Kitchens are the main gathering place for most families. Because of this, tables and countertops become clutter catchers for mail, books, school permission slips, invitations, grocery lists, etc. Whether you have a large family or just yourself, containing daily necessities in one central location is the key to stress-free transitions. 

Your kitchen command center can be basic or elaborate- it is really about what works for you and the people who live with you. It also doesn't have to be located in the kitchen, although that is the most common place. You can set up a hallway, nook, or any area as your command center, as long as it is centrally located.

Here are a few components of most kitchen command centers:

  • Weekly or monthly calendar
  • To-do list and grocery list
  • Writing utensils
  • Mail filing system
  • Hooks for hanging keys and bags
  • Pack of post-it notes for quick reminders
  • Menu board
  • Monthly goals
  • Positive affirmations to start your day
  • Bulletin board

You can add any components that work best for you and your family. 

Steps for Setting Up Your Kitchen Command Center

Imagine how wonderful it would be to know where your keys, the mail, and your son's party invitation are at all times. Never show up to soccer practice on the wrong day or miss another dentist appointment. Create cohesion and communication between all family members and have systems in place that reduce stress. 

It all sounds great- but how?

Write Down Your Needs

Sit down as a household and talk about how your kitchen command center should function for you. What are your priorities? In what ways is your current system failing you? Get input from each member of the household. New systems work better when everyone has input and contributes to the process. 

Find a Location

Now that you have a list of what you need from your kitchen command center, think about where it will best suit your household. If you typically enter the house through the garage, maybe it can be on the wall next to the garage entry door. If everyone gathers in the kitchen, consider setting it up in a corner of the kitchen. Put some thought into finding the perfect location because the success of the command center demands largely on location and whether it is convenient and intuitive. 

Shop Command Centers

If you are super crafty and have the time, you can DIY your own kitchen command center by piecing together the elements you need. Keep in mind that the kitchen command center must be in a central location and should fit in with the aesthetic of your home. If it looks sloppy and cluttered, it will fail. 

Kitchen Command Center Ideas

My personal favorite kitchen command centers are designed by 1Thrive. The team at 1Thrive includes artists, product developers, researchers, designers, and professional organizers. They take this stuff very seriously and consider the psychology of organizing into the design of each of their command centers. 

They offer several options to accommodate wall space, goals, and aesthetic. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Brooke Command Center

I love the Brooke wall organizer because it has space for everything. And as your household needs grow and change, this command center can grow with you. Hooks, pen cups, bulletin board, chalkboard, calendar- this one has it all. 

The Harper Command Center


If you love a clean, white aesthetic, you will love The Harper wall command center. Track goals, create lists, and sort mail in glamorous style with the white and gold details of The Harper. 

The Rachel Command Center

Since my family currently lives in our RV fulltime, The Rachel is the perfect option for us with the space we dedicated to our command center. We have a narrow strip of wall when we enter our fifth wheel and this command center was the perfect fit. We use it to schedule activities, coordinate our work schedules, post reminders, and send cute little notes to each other. We also hang our keys, which is so important because the RV has various outside compartment keys. 

If you are looking for a custom solution, 1Thrive allows you to build your own command center using dozens of components. Or, you can also DIY the perfect kitchen command center for your home. 

All Things Thrifty uses printables and seasonally painted, interchangeable frames to create this lovely kitchen command center. 

Photo Credit: @allathingsthrifty

 If your home doesn't have a home office and a larger command center is needed, use cube shelving to create this corner "command center condo," complete with space for each member of your household. 

Photo Credit: @michellecannonsmith

The most important piece of creating a kitchen command center is making sure that it addresses the unique needs of your household and solves your organizational issues. 

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