How to Organize Pots and Pans in a Small Kitchen

Organizing pots and pans is a big problem in most kitchens, but especially in small kitchens. You may face several challenges when attempting to organize your pots and pans including:

  • Storing so they won't be scratched or damaged
  • Organizing so that they are easy to access
  • Arranging in a way that doesn't take up too much space

The most common way to organize pots and pans is by stacking- but that makes them hard to get to and could scratch the surface. The first step to organizing your pots and pans is to assess the space in your kitchen where you would like them to be stored. Is it a vertical space or a horizontal space? Is it a drawer, cabinet, or pantry? Once you are clear about what type of space you are working with, you can begin the process.

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We have scoured social media forums and researched the following brilliant ways to organize pots and pans in a small kitchen.

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Organize Pots and Pans in a Cabinet

If you have a large cabinet that can be used to organize your pots and pans, check out these handy products to make the process easier.

Pan Organizer Rack for Cabinets

Pots and Pans Organizing

This pots and pans organizing system works especially well for small kitchens because it expands the space of a narrow cabinet. With multiple ways to configure the organizing system, you have more flexibility with your organizing. Unlike some other systems we have tried, this one works well for both large wok style pans and small sauce pans. 

Heavy Duty Pots and Pans Cabinet Organizer

Heavy duty pots and pans organizer

If you use cast iron pots and pans and are concerned about the weight bending an organizing system, this is the organizer for you. The durable steel construction is designed for exceptionally heavy pots and pans. Available in several vivid colors, this pots and pans organizer can be used horizontally or vertically, depending on the measurement of your cabinet space. 

Pots and Pans Lid Cabinet Organizer

Pot lid cabinet door organizer

If the lids of the pots and pans make organizing tricky, step up your storing skills with a cabinet door mounted pot lid organizer. Easily install racks on each side of cabinet doors to hold lids and maximize storage space. 

Cabinet Hanging Hook Pots and Pans Organizer

 Hanging Hooks for Pots and Pans

If space prohibits you from stacking pots and pans or using a vertical cabinet organizer, consider adding a sliding hook system. As long as your cabinet has a standard depth, the cabinet pan organizer will slide out, providing 5 hooks on either side of the cabinet. 

Wall Mounted Pots and Pans Organizer

 If cabinet space is at a premium, but you have some empty wall space, a wall mounted pots and pans organizer may work for your small kitchen. Their aesthetic design allows you to conveniently store your pots and pans by displaying them.

Two Tier Pot and Pan Rack

Two Tier Wall Mount Pot and Pan Rack

Store pots and pans in an elegant fashion by installing a two tier wall mounted organizing system. Support brackets can be installed from above or below, depending on your needs and kitchen layout. Pots with lids are displayed on the shelves while pans and large utensils are hung on the hooks below. 

Narrow Wall Mounted Pot and Pan Rack

Narrow wall mounted pot and pan rack

When wall space is narrow, reply on this wall mounted pots and pans organizing system to get the job done. Measuring only 16" wide, mount two or more shelves vertically for maximum storage potential. Place pots on the shelves and hang pans and other tools from the hook system. 

Wall Mounted Hanging Pan Storage

wall mounted pan storage bar

If the majority of your cookware is pans, opt for a wall mounted pan bar rack. The single loft bar design has an industrial look and properly displays your pans. If space permits, add a few bars to add storage for towels, utensils, and lids. 

Drawer Pots and Pans Organization Solutions

If cabinet and wall space are limited and you are looking for an alternative solution for pots and pans organizing, using a drawer storage system is a great idea. 

Peg Board Drawer Storage System

peg board kitchen drawer storage solution

So simple and yet so effective, this peg board system is a great addition to drawers for pots and pans storage. Reclaim your small kitchen's cabinet and countertop space and store pots and pans in a drawer. Add the pegboard tray to your drawer and adjust the pegs as needed based on the size and shape of your pot. There are hundreds of possible configurations, so it is guaranteed that you will find a place for every pot and pan.

Drawer Dividers for Pots and Pans

drawer divider for pots and pans

If you don't have the luxury of installing a custom pots and pans drawer but you want to use drawer space in your small kitchen, add dividers. Adjustable drawer dividers can be installed in deep drawers to create tidy storage for pots, pans, and lids. 

Bonus Pots and Pans Storage Solution

five tier pots and pans storage

If your small kitchen has limited wall, cabinet, and drawer storage, don't despair. We love this five tier kitchen corner shelf for organizing pots and pans. Display your pots and pans and keep them within reach.

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