17 Shoe Storage Ideas for the Entire Family

"If you can't see the shoes, you won't wear the shoes."

Shoe Storage and Organization

If your home is cluttered with your family members' shoes and you have no idea where to begin, we are here to help with some clever shoe storage ideas. Whether you want to store shoes in your entryway, in individual closets, or you need some small storage ideas for your RV or tiny home, you are in the right place. 

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Purge Your Shoes

The first step to organizing shoes is to figure out which ones you and your family actually wear. If you have children, check shoe sizes and toss the ones that no longer fit. Donate any shoes that you no longer wear. Organizing and storing shoes is much easier when you limit your shoes.

Once you have purged your shoes, dive into the fab shoe storage ideas below.

Shoe Storage Cabinet

If you are looking for an elegant way to store shoes, either in an entryway or bedroom, you will love this shoe storage cabinet. Each of the four drawers folds out to store 3-4 pairs of shoes. The cabinet is slim- perfect for a hallway, mudroom, or even within a walk-in closet. The shoe storage cabinet looks like a beautiful piece of furniture and no one will notice that your shoes are tucked neatly inside. Pair the shoe storage cabinet with a matching shoe storage benchstorage shelf with coat rack and a for a complete look where everything has a tidy place.

Shoe storage cabinet

Under Stairs Shoe Storage

Stairs are necessary for multi-level homes, but they can take up so much space. However, there are several ways to use the empty space under individual stairs as well as the space under the staircase as additional storage. Adding shoe drawers to your stairs may require commissioning a carpenter, but we think it is worth it. Check out this video to see how it is done. Another solution is to add slide-out wall cabinets on the side of the staircase for shoe storage. Whichever solution you choose, shoes will be neatly tucked out of sight and stored in a convenient place.

Stairs converted into shoe storage drawers
Image from Shelterness​​

Entryway Hall Tree

Tidy up any entryway- small or spacious with an entryway hall tree. Available in multiple widths and with various features, hall trees make for great shoe storage. If your home currently lacks a "dump space" for when busy household members come in after a long day, an entryway hall tree is a solution. Shoe storage, jacket hooks, a bench for putting on or taking off shoes, and storage shelving- a hall tree has it all!

Entryway hall tree with shoe storage

Cube Storage

Store and organize 36 pairs of shoes with simple yet stylish cube shoe storage cabinets. This storage piece is perfect for narrow entryways or hallways. Combine a few of them to store your entire shoe collection beautifully. Add the storage unit to your closet or dressing area for convenience. This cube storage also works well in garages or on front porches for families who don't wear shoes inside.

Cube shoe storage

Large Wicker Basket

Does your family wear mostly flip-flips, slides, and Crocs? Are you looking for a quick and easy place to dump shoes when you come inside? This affordable and very convenient wicker shoe basket is perfect for garages, tiny homes, RVs, or any space that requires a quick shoe dump. Available in multiple sizes and colors, simply place the basket by the front door and your family will never lose their shoes again.


Drop Front Shoe Boxes

Although coveted by sneaker heads, drop front shoe boxes work well for anyone who has an extensive shoe collection and wants to put it on display. The sleek styling of the drop front shoe boxes is second to none. They are functional, also. Stack them in any configuration that works for your space and convert your shoes into art. Stack them in the entry area, in a closet, or on display in a bedroom. The drop front shoe box storage looks cool and protects your shoes from dust.

Basic Shoe Storage Rack

There is nothing wrong with going back to basics. If fancy, stylized shoe storage isn't your thing, opt for a basic shoe storage rack. This no-frills way to store shoes is functional and practical. Stack 25-28 pairs of shoes and boots on the adjustable rack. Build it in any configuration that works best for you and your space. Basic shoe storage racks are inexpensive, convenient, and they get the job done. 

shoe storage rack

Over the Door Shoe Bag

We love this shoe storage solution for children. Easily hang the storage bag over their bedroom or closet door and they can store and organize their shoes for themselves. The storage bag has 28 large pockets allowing for ample shoe, slipper, or flip flop storage. Be sure to purchase one with mesh packets to allow shoes to air out. 

Plastic Shoe Containers

One of the best methods of protecting shoes from dust is to store them in 6 quart, clear plastic storage containers. The clear plastic makes it easy to see your shoes and the compact containment is easy to store on shelves, slide under the bed, or throw in your car for a quick change. Practical, affordable, and convenient shoe storage is what you can expect from these plastic shoe containers. 

PLastic shoe storage container

Under the Bed Shoe Organizer

When storage space is at a premium, utilize the space under your bed for shoe storage. These shoe storage organizers hold 24 pairs of shoes and slide easily under your bed for safe, out-of-the-way storage. The gray flannel fabric shoe storage boxes have clear windows on top making it easy to see your shoes. These slim shoe organizers also fit well under the bottom shelf in a closet. 

Fabric Shoe Storage Boxes

The perfect addition to a tidy closet, these fabric shoe boxes have clear windows so that you can easily see your shoes. Designed to be stackable, the lid is hinged in two locations allowing you to access your shoes from the top or front. These bins are thoughtfully sized and are tall enough to store heels and larger sized shoes. 

Revolving Lazy Susan Shoe Storage

Turn an open area into a revolving shoe storage solution with the lazy susan shoe storage rack. If your closet is on the smaller size or you love displaying your shoes, this storage solution may work for you. The revolving shoe storage is a tidy space-saving rack that allows you to see your shoes and replace them at the end of the day. 

Shoe Space Savers

This ingenious space-saving shoe storage idea keeps your shoes clean and tidy while doubling your shoe storage space. Adjust the shoe slots in the space saver to fit the size and type of shoe you are storing. Slide the paired shoes onto a shelf for simple storage. This shoe storage solution is ideal for tiny homes or RVs where space is limited. 

Space saving shoe storage

Hanging Shoe Storage

If you prefer your shoes to be neatly tucked in your closet in a simple and convenient storage system, you will love hanging shoe storage solutions. Hang the shoe storage from a hanging rod and neatly tuck 24 pairs of shoes into their own little cubbies. Shoes are tidy, off the floor, paired together, and organized at an affordable price. The shoe storage system is available in multiple sizes and configurations to best fit your hanging space. 


Pocket Shoe File

A clever variation of the hanging shoe storage system, the pocket shoe file is slim line and holds 24 pairs of shoes or even handbags. The material is breathable and durable and the clear pockets allow you to easily find the shoes you need. The hanger swivels, making it simple to access either side of the shoe storage. 

Pocket Shoe File

Shoe Storage Bench

Rustic and elegant with a comfortable leather cushion, this charming storage bench can store six pairs of shoes and a pair of boots on the shelving and even more inside. The perfect addition to a mud room or entryway, a shoe storage bench doubles as both shoe storage and a lovely piece of accent furniture. Line up two or three benches for additional storage in a hallway. 

shoe storage bench

Corner Shoe Rack

When it feels like there is nowhere for shoe storage, find a corner near the garage or front door and place a corner shoe rack in the space. Corner shoe racks are a tidy way to keep shoes orderly and quickly within reach. Assign a shelf or two to each family member for their most frequently used shoes and avoid searching for lost shoes during the morning rush. 

corner shoe storage

There is truly a shoe storage solution for every space. With a bit of creativity and the right storage solution, shoes can be hidden, organized, protected, and stored in a way that works for everyone in your family. When we can see our shoes, we will wear our shoes. Shoes that are neatly stored and organized will also stay nicer and last longer. 

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