Maximize Wall Space with Pegboard Organization

"Pegboard organization isn't just for garage walls."

Pegboard Organization

When you think of pegboard organizing, do you think of your grandfather's tools neatly hung on the garage wall? If so, prepare to have your mind blown! With countless colors, sizes, materials, and styles, pegboard is a versatile, inexpensive organizational must-have. Level up any space in your house with these pegboard organization ideas.

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Pegboard Home Office Organizer

If your home office space is cramped and cluttered, it may be time to use wasted wall space to create a tidy and functional work area. If you are a DIYer, piece together some metal pegboard, slotted baskets and shelves to create a vertical space to organize your workstation. If you prefer to purchase a complete kit with everything you need to organize your wall space, we recommend this Wall Control Office Organizer. It includes the metal magnetic pegboard, installation hardware, and accessories. The kit is available in several color options and is a 5 star Amazon product. 

Home office pegboard organizing

Pegboard Wall Shelving

Do you want to add shelving to a wall space and want it to be adjustable? Pegboard shelving is a quick and easy way to add sturdy shelving to any wall in any room. Use it to add storage space in the bathroom or to add art deco shelving in a living space. Adjust the shelving with ease and redesign the space in a few minutes. 

pegboard shelving in the bathroom

Kitchen Wall Pegboard

When creating a kitchen pegboard wall, be sure to use commercial strength pegboard and install it into the wall studs. We recommend this Wall Control kitchen pegboard kit that is 10x stronger than conventional pegboard and comes with hooks for pots and pans. Add shelves, pegs, magnets, or any additional accessories as needed to maximize your wall space. The pegboard is magnetic and will hold your magnetic spice containers

kitchen wall pegboard organizer

Laundry Room Pegboard Wall

Mount your cleaning supplies, iron and ironing board, laundry detergents, and anything else you need within reach to a laundry room pegboard. When laundry space is limited, installing a laundry room pegboard wall is ideal for maximizing wall space. Use shelving, magnetic clips, and hooks, all of your laundry and cleaning supplies can be within reach and out of the way. Even if your laundry space is tiny, it can be tidy with pegboard wall organizing. 

laundry room pegboard organizer

Pegboard Cooking Station

Setting up a small cooking station is a great way to place your frequently used cooking supplies within reach. Start with measuring the area of available wall for your cooking station and purchase the appropriate number of pegboard panels. Add spice racks, shelving, hooks, and whatever else you need to cook efficiently. 

Photo Credit: ​​Devon Jarvis

Pegboard Garage Storage

When you think of pegboard organizing, you likely think of tools hanging neatly from garage walls. Pegboards have become sophisticated enough for indoor spaces, but are still an ideal solution for garage organizing. We love this complete garage pegboard organizing kit that comes with a 4-foot metal pegboard with tool board and accessories to tidy any garage work space.

garage pegboard organizer

Pegboard Herb Garden

If you love fresh herbs and are looking to grow an herb garden in your home, find some vertical wall space and plan your herb garden. The first step is to install pegboard panels to the wall and use various shelves, hooks, and pot holders to display your potted herbs. It won't be long before a boring wall becomes a fragrant space adorned with plants.

pegboard herb garden
Photo Credit: Devon ​​Jarvis

Pegboard Coffee Station

Create a dreamy coffee station using large wooden pegboards, a few hooks, and some shelving. Wake up to a tidy, inviting coffee space with neatly labeled canisters containing various types of coffees, teas, and sweeteners. Hang your favorite mugs and a some cute coffee related decor. You will look forward to waking up to this coffee station with pegboard organizing.

pegboard coffee station
Photo Credit: ​​homeware_hacker/instagram

Pegboard Sewing Center

Create a sewing station that is tidy, organized, and inspiring. Start with an easy installation pegboard wall organizer kit. Add accessories like hooks, shelves, and pegs to hold all of your essential sewing tools. We use 6" hooks for holding spools of thread and magnetic spice holders for sorting and storing buttons, safety pins, needles, and other small items. 

Pegboard Organized sewing station
Photo Credit: ​​Closet Core Patterns

Pantry Pegboard Organizing 

If your home doesn't have the expansive pantry of your dreams, create a pantry by maximizing wall space with pegboard organizing solutions. Start by installing pegboard to the available wall space. We prefer pegboard with brackets and shelving. Add hooks, baskets, and anything else that will help to store and organize your food. 

Pegboard Pantry Organization
Photo Credit: ​​Devon Jarvis

Pegboard Child's Craft Center

With a pegboard wall panel, some accessories, and a bit of creativity, you can create an inexpensive child's craft center for your artsy child. Adjust the container accessories so that little hands can reach them. When everything has a tidy place, children are more likely to put objects back where they belong.

kids pegboard craft center

Pegboard Command Center

If your family needs a central location for calendars, permission slips, important papers, pens, and notepads, a pegboard command center is for you. Install some basic pegboard on an empty wall convenient to your kitchen or entryway. Add hooks, calendars, whiteboards, a clock, notepads, a cup of pens, and anything else that will help your family stay organized.

pegboard organizing kitchen command center
Photo Credit: ​​Kaitie Bryant

Pegboard LEGO Storage

Whether you are looking for LEGO storage solutions for your child or for yourself, we rely on Wall Control pegboards and accessory add-ons to create the perfect LEGO storage. A combination of their shelving, bins, and hooks creates a tidy and functional LEGO organization system for enthusiasts of all ages.

LEGO pegboard organizing wall
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Pegboard Entryway Storage

Are you looking for a place to dump your keys, handbag, mail, and anything else that clutters up your entryway? Pegboard entryway organizing solutions provide a place to drop everything when you come in the door but in a tidy way. Customize your entryway pegboard to the size you need and add the accessories that best help you stay organized when you come home from a long day.


Pegboard Art Wall

When we first saw this fantastic art wall for a child's room, we fell in love. Start with gray pegboard and some hooks and add a collage of art, baskets, and maybe a plant. Anything is possible with pegboards, so dream it and do it. Pegboard art walls also look great in living rooms. The pegboards make it so easy to change decor with the seasons.

Art Pegboard Wall
Photo Credit: This Is ​​Our Bliss

Pegboard Dorm Organization

The secret to college success is having solid organizational skills. The IKEA Skadis Pegboard is a great place to start. Install on an empty wall or the back of a closet door. Add hooks, containers, racks, or any other accessory to stay organized and ensure that every object has a tidy place. Store handbags, tablets, beauty products, decor items or anything else that helps you to feel at home on your dorm pegboard organizing system.

dorm pegboard organization
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Pegboard Cabinet Door Storage

If you are craving a bit more storage space and don't know how to create it, consider adding pegboard to the insides of your cabinets. Whether you need space in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else, use the cabinet door backs as pegboard organization. Install some basic pegboard panels and add the storage accessories you need to create a tidy storage space. 

cabinet pegboard organization
Photo Credit: ​​Better Homes and Gardens

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