17 Organization Ideas to Simplify Your Life

Organizing every room in your home can feel out of reach, but breaking the process into smaller tasks can be transformational. Dedicate a bit of time each day to an organizational task and it won't be long until your home is neat and tidy. An organized home is good for our mental health and saves us time and energy. 

Here are 17 home organization idea to get you started.

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1. Transform Your Junk Drawers

The first step for transforming your junk drawers is to stop calling them junk drawers. Refer to them as "everyday drawers" or "necessity drawers." We all have drawers that contain a mix of items that are frequently used, but when we call it junk, we tend to treat it like junk. 

Now that we have renamed the drawer, remove everything from inside and wash the drawer out. The secret to keeping a tidy everyday drawer is to contain every item in a designated spot. No more shoving stuff in the drawer. 

Expandable drawer organizers

These expandable drawer organizers are our favorite because they can be reworked to fit any drawer space. The anti-skid bottoms ensure that they do not slide around. Secure each of your everyday items in a neat and tidy fashion and eliminate the clutter of the dreaded junk drawer.

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2. Organize Your Spices

Spice Rack Organizing

When you're cooking, you don't have time to search through cabinets or drawers of disorganized spices. Organizing your spices is a time saver and also a way to tidy your kitchen and make it more functional and beautiful. Wall or door mount clear acrylic spice racks are our favorite. They can be mounted to a wall in the kitchen to beautifully display your spices or to the back of a pantry door. Free up cabinet and drawer space with these lovely racks. 

3. Create a Digital Filing System

Going paperless is a great way to declutter your home office. Invest in a great scanner that can easily scan all documents of every size. We love this one to scan documents, receipts, and other oddly sized papers. It is tiny and can be used on-the-go. Store the scanned files in digital file folders for a tidy and paperless space.

4. Assemble a Cleaning Station

Cleaning caddy

A tidy home is a clean home. Cleaning systems make it easier to keep up with household cleaning. One of our favorite cleaning systems for quick clean ups is a grab and go cleaning caddy. Keep the everyday clean up supplies simplified and organized in a tidy caddy. 

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5. Clean Out Your Bag

Bags quickly become catch all spaces for everything- receipts, coupons, kids' toys, crumpled money. Empty out your bag and throw away anything you don't need. Use a bag that has compartments that make it easier to keep everything organized. Develop a system where everything has a place and one pocket is reserved for quick stashing. Once a week, clean out your quick stash pocket. We personally love shortyLOVE bags because they are versatile, easy to organize, and come in different sizes for different purposes.

6. Box and Label Shoes

Without a system for storing and organizing shoes, we tend to throw them on top of each other at the end of a long day. Using clear shoe boxes with labels not only protects your shoes from dust and damage, but also makes it super simple to find the shoes you need at a glance. Stackable, clear shoe boxes with ventilation and a front open door are our favorites since they check all the boxes for tidy shoe storage.

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7. Sort Your Jewelry

Over the years, you may notice that you accumulate a bunch of jewelry, most of which you don't wear. Necklaces get tangles, earrings get lost, and there has to be a better way to sort your jewelry. Modern day jewelry organizers look lovely and contain jewelry in a tidy space. Vlando stackable jewelry trays are the jewelry sorting system we use. Simply purchase the stackable sections you need to perfectly sort your jewelry.

8. Create a Hobby Station

Whether you love to cook, paint, or knit, neatly storing all of your hobby accessories in a portable cart is a great way to create a dedicated and tidy space. These sleek storage stations on wheels are portable so they can go wherever you go. You can even use one for your children's art supplies or books and teach them to stay organized and put items back where they belong.

9. Store Seasonal Clothes

Don't allow bulky sweaters to clutter your closet during the summer months. Twice a year, pack away seasonal clothes and rotate them when the seasons change. We love these under bed storage bins with dividers because they have handles and easily zip closed for seasonal storage. They fit nicely under beds until you need them again. 

10. Purge and Display Makeup

Do you really use all the makeup stuffed in the various makeup bags and drawers in your bathroom vanity? Of course you don't. It is time to purge old, expired makeup and any cosmetics that you no longer use. 

Now that you have trimmed down your makeup collection, put it on display. Cosmetic manufacturers create beautiful, enticing packaging for a reason. Put your cosmetics on display for the aesthetic benefit and also for easy access. No more digging through old cosmetics to find your favorite gloss. 

We use these acrylic cosmetic display boxes. You can configure it to suit your needs.

11. Develop Child Friendly Toy Organization

Simple toy storage systems encourage children to keep their spaces tidy. We love this toy storage chest because each of the drawers are easily accessible for small people. The open space above can serve as a book shelf or you could add a few fabric bins for more closed storage. 

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12. Organize a Gift Wrapping Station

If your gift wrapping supplies are in need of some organization, try this hanging bag and box organizer. Sort your bows, ribbons, gift cards, and wrapping paper by holiday and keep everything tidy and out of the way. When it is time to grab a gift bag or wrap a gift, you will be ready to go.

13. Transform Your Pantry

We are obsessed with pantry organizing photos. We especially love pantries that are set up like little shops. Pantry organizing systems are beautiful, but they also make life more convenient. When we can clearly see everything we have, we shop more efficiently. Cooking prep is also easier when we know exactly where each ingredient is. Every pantry organizing system starts with a great set of canisters with labels, and fantastic wire baskets

For more pantry system ideas and products, click here.

14. Invest in a Closet System

Whether you have an expansive closet space or a tiny nook, it is possible to install a closet system that will maintain your tidy clothes and accessory space. Here are the simple steps to create a closet organization system:

  1. Measure your space.
  2. Select a closet or rack system. The one you select will depend on the space you have to work with. 
  3. Contain all items in either drawers or bins. This will keep everything tidy and protect your garments from dust. 

Follow these simple steps and with the help of the perfect closet organizing products, your closet will be a source of pride.

15. Tame Your Food Storage Containers

If your food storage cabinet is disheveled and you struggle to match tops to containers, you aren't alone. Our food storage container cabinet was worthy of caution tape until we discovered nesting. A combination of nested food storage containers and nested mixing bowls saves so much space and also saves your sanity when it's time to put away leftovers. Canisters completes the tidy food storage equation by eliminating dirty packaging and neatly displaying food products. 

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16. Declutter Your Vehicle

Our vehicles are an extension of our homes. Whether we are commuting to work or running our kids to practice, vehicles can quickly become a cluttered mess. Creating a vehicle organizing system ensures that everything you need is tidy and within reach. Decide which conveniences you want in your vehicle. For example:

How you use your vehicle on a daily basis will determine which organizing products to use. 

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17. Label Everything

Labels seem so simple but they are so effective. When each member of your household understands where every items belongs, they are more likely to put them away. Labeling also helps us to eliminate clutter. In my home, I label food canisters, closet and cabinet bins, and refrigerator and pantry containers. After a few days, my family fell in line and we all love the labeling. We use the script Talented Kitchen labels because I love the font and their packages have every label I could ever need. 

Bonus: Invest in a Book or Binder

If your clutter has you completely overwhelmed and you don't know where to start, invest in some help. You don't need to hire an organizational expert to benefit from their vast knowledge. Affordable courses, ebooks, and binders are available to help get you started on your tidy journey.

We recommend:

  • Decluttering Binder. If you need some direction to get started, the Decluttering Binder is for you. Clutter can feel overwhelming, but this binder helps to break your organization journey into small, manageable steps. 
  • The Home Edit Workbook. If you love The Home Edit like we do, grab The Home Edit Workbook and get to work on Clea and Joanna's 52 home editing challenges. By the end, you will feel like they visited your home in person.
  • Real Life Organizing. If you follow Cassandra Aarssen, from the HGTV show, Hot Mess House, you will love her clutter-free workbook.

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