These Are The 5 Ways I Transformed My Car From A Junkyard to a Tidy Space

Tidy your car with these organizing tips.


I live on the road.

Really, I do.

My day consists of an average of 3 hours in the car. That time is spent taking my teens to and from school and various practices and taking my infant to and from the doctors and taking myself to all sorts of meetings and appointments. I live in the country, so it takes a minimum of 30 minutes to get anywhere. 

And I love to be tidy. My home is tidy. My office is tidy. My closet is amazing. But, my car sucked.

It looked like a junkyard met a tornado, only messier. So, here are a few inexpensive products that I have used to keep my vehicle a bit cleaner and a lot tidier. 

1. Front Seat Gap Fillers

Of all of the space in my car, when I drop something, it will ultimately and magically end up in that abyss between the front seat and the center console and will be gone for all of eternity. If I were able to actually see down there, who knows what I would find...a piece of a carrot stick, a watch battery, and likely one of my daughter's press on nails. And that is just what I know about. 

Vehicle Seat Gap Filler Organizer

This product is amazing. Not only does it fill that space and keep things (like cell phones) from falling down the side of the seat, it provides a very convenient storage area for easy to reach items. 

For those of you who would like a less expensive option and do not care if the organizer matches your interior, check out this economy gap filler organizer.

2. Clip On Visor Tissue Box

I have been known to have an allergy attack while driving. It isn't a pretty sight. Set aside the fact that my eyes are closed while sneezing while driving, I am likely also fumbling around the car to locate a box of tissues so as to minimize the damage of the sneeze. I could paint a picture of the grossness, but I will leave that to your imagination.

Clip On Visor Tissue Box

This clip on visor product allows me to elegantly reach for a tissue to avert the disgusting saliva disaster that occurs in my car during such an allergy attack. This tissue dispenser is gold! 

And, here is a bonus tip...purchasing two and putting baby wipes in one is a neat little trick.

3. Multi-Pocket Seat Back Organizer

Since discovering this genius product, I have purchased two of them.

One car seat back organizer is for me. It contains my favorite UniBall pens, a couple of notepads, some business cards and promotional stuff, and a spare cord for my cell phone and laptop. While on the road for many hours each day, I try to schedule a few meetings or kill some time working from my car. This vehicle organizer is my office on-the-go.

Car Seat Back Organizer

 The other one belongs to my teenagers. They store extra pencils and pens, Sudoku and crossword puzzle books, snacks, and other miscellaneous stuff. I think that there may be a tube of toothpaste and some lip gloss. I am not sure. It is their storage space and I try not to pay attention. The point does not matter what you put in this car organizer, it will look tidy.

4. Ball Claw Sports Ball Holder

Typically used as garage organizer, my dear friend recently discovered that if you attach the ball claw holder to the trunk lid, it keeps balls from rolling around in the trunk. And a ball rolling around is a highly annoying sound. I once thought that I had run over someone when I heard the loud THUD of a ball rolling across my trunk. 

Ball Claw Sports Ball Holder

 It mounts with a few screws, so the mount can be drilled into the underside of the trunk lid for simple ball storage. No more ball rolling from side to side at every turn. Amaze-balls!

5. Space Saving Trunk Organizer

My SUV has a third row of seats that can collapse independently. When I put down one of the seats, this organizer sits brilliantly in the space. The rear storage space of my SUV has been transformed from a heaping pile of crap to an organized, tidy area that makes on-the-go living a breeze. I have two of these trunk organizers back there and mine has the following in it:

  • A bottle of FeBreeze (my son's football gear stinks so badly that it makes my eyes water)
  • Spare makeup for quick touch ups
  • A couple of car care items
  • Vehicle emergency kit with jumper cables
  • A few books for killing time waiting for practices to end
  • Spare baby wipes and hand sanitizer
  • Some plastic trash bags

My kids share one and at last look, theirs contained the following:

  • Three half empty water bottles
  • Sunglasses
  • One sock
  • A pocket knife
  • Pack of sidewalk chalk
  • One skateboard bearing kit
  • A can of hairspray
  • Two plastic bugs

Don't ask's their storage bin to do with what they choose.

The fact that it is collapse-able when not in use is awesome. A friend of mine uses hers to transport groceries so that she doesn't use bags. She is so environmentally conscious and I hope to get to that point one day. Lots of uses, so get one or two.

BONUS: I recently saw this cool trick in my sister-in-law's minivan and thought that it was so clever! Use two silicone muffin cups to fill cup holders and never have to clean gook and gross stuff from the bottom of the cup holder. So very clever! (You can buy these from my Amazon affiliate link here--->

 At least if you have to live on the road, these tidy tips will make it a bit more pleasurable. 

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