10 Clever Ways to Store Unsightly Cleaning Products

"Store cleaning supplies for easy access with safety in mind."

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Maintaining a sparkling clean, fresh-smelling home takes dedication, a great system, and the right cleaning supplies. Properly storing and organizing your cleaning supplies ensures that you don't run out of anything and that you always know where cleaning supplies are when you need to clean up. When your cleaning supplies are tidy and orderly, you will be more motivated to clean regularly. It can be discouraging to have to dig through a mess of products to find what you need.

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Tips for Storing and Organizing Cleaning Supplies

Before you get started, think about how you clean your home. Do you have one story or two stories? Do you clean one room at a time? What products do you use regularly and which ones are only used for deep cleaning? 

Consolidate Your Cleaning Supplies

The first step to organizing anything is to get rid of anything that you don't need. Do you really need three dusters and two mops? Marry together multiple bottles of the same product and toss anything you don't use. You may not realize it, but cleaning products expire. After a certain period of time, the chemistry of cleaning products can change and reduce effectiveness. Here is a basic guide to keep in mind as you purge your cleaning supplies:

  • Bleach- Once the bottle is open, it only maintains its original strength for six months.
  • Multi-surface cleaners- Keep these around for two years. If you are following a solid cleaning schedule, you will use them before two years has passed, but if not, throw it out.
  • Disinfecting spray- Check the manufacture date and toss it if two years have passed. After two years, it loses its disinfecting strength. 

 Now that you only have the cleaning tools and supplies that you need, move on to the next step.

Evaluate Your Storage Space 

Ask yourself a few questions in order to evaluate your cleaning supply storage space. 

  • Will you have cleaning supplies in multiple places or all in one central location?
  • Will you store cleaning supplies in a closet or in a cabinet? 
  • what types of organizing products will you need based on the space you have to store?

Once you have identified the best storage area for your cleaning supplies, take a few measurements and order the organizational products you need to create and maintain a tidy cleaning supply storage space. 

Cleaning Supply Storage Space

Store Everyday Cleaning Supplies In A Rolling Cart

Rolling carts have so many uses- storing cleaning supplies is one of my favorites. No need to lug heavy cleaners and buckets all over the house. Neatly store all of your cleaners and supplies in the cart and roll it from room to room. Here are a few things to store in your cleaning cart:

three tiered cart with cleaning supply storage
Photo Credit: The ​​Spruce/Nelly Cuanalo

Use Vertical Door Space

A great way to neatly store cleaning supplies so that they are tucked away but always within reach is to use vertical door space. 

Hang an over-the-door organizer on a linen closet, bathroom, or pantry door and store cleaners, cleaning supplies, and backstock. If you prefer cleaning supplies to be uniform, we love these glass spray bottles with labels and these glass apothecary jars.

Over the door storage solutions

Install Hanging Tension Rods

If the cabinet where you store your cleaning supplies is getting a bit out of control, this $20 solution will get you back on track. Install a tension rod across your cabinet to double the storage space. 

Hang bottles, rags, and gloves in a convenient space tucked behind a cabinet door. The adjustable tension rod will fit any length cabinet and serve as a simple storage solution.

Cabinet cleaning supply storage
Photo Credit:Kitchn​​

Rely on a Lazy Susan

Another way to maximize under-sink cabinet storage space is to use a large lazy susan. No need to dig through cabinets- simply spin the lazy susan and find the cleaning product you need. 

Bottles, sponges, rags, scrub brushes- all of it will conveniently fit on the two-tiered organization tower. 

Lazy susan storage for cleaning products

Stock a Portable Cleaning Caddy

For small apartments, tiny homes, or RVs, all you need is a stocked portable cleaning caddy. Fill it with your cleaning essentials and easily carry it to the area you are cleaning. 

If you have multiple stories in your home, stock one of these cleaning caddies for each floor and avoid carrying cleaning supplies up and down stairs.

Maximize Cabinet Space

Take advantage of all the space in your under-sink cabinet. We love this cabinet organizer for storing cleaning products in bathrooms and kitchens. The bottom drawer easily slides out and is perfect for storing sponges, scrub brushes, and magic erasers. Four convenient hooks provide a place to hang rags, brushes, or anything else. 

If your sink pipes prevent you from using organizers like this, consider using this expandable rack that is adjustable to fit around your pipe.

Create a Cleaning Supply Closet

If you have an entire closet to store your cleaning supplies and tools, you are one of the lucky ones. Use labeled acrylic bins, hanging organizers, and floor space to store everything in one convenient location.

If storage space for cleaning supplies seems impossible, consider a freestanding metal storage cabinet. We love this slim one with two doors and four adjustable shelves. Remove the bottom ones to make space for a mop and vacuum, and use the top shelves to organize cleaning products in acrylic bins

Cleaning supply closet
Photo Credit: Shanty 2 Chic​​

Create Multiple Cleaning Storage Spaces

No need to find space for ALL your cleaning supplies in one place. Dedicate a few different areas around your home for cleaning products. This is a great idea for two reasons:

  1. It doesn't require a bunch of space in one area.
  2. No matter where you are in your home, cleaning products are within reach.

Stock a few acrylic bins with essential cleaning supplies and stash them in hidden spots around your home.

Utilize Hanging Space

If you have some extra wall space to use for hanging cleaning products and supplies, we recommend these Gorilla Grip hanging utility holder

With six hooks and three slots for hanging mops or brooms, tuck your cleaning supplies in a garage or behind a door with this convenient hanging system.

Gorilla grip mop hanger

When cleaning supplies are safely and neatly stored in a convenient storage space, you will be more likely to use them as part of your regular cleaning routine. Try one or more of these storage solutions for your cleaning supplies and you will find it easier to maintain your home.

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  • When we renovated our house, the closet that I had designated for cleaning products and tools somehow turned into a toy closet! So I’ve been looking for ways to hide away our mops and brooms. I would love to find one like the gorilla one you linked but a freestanding version. Xo Nipa

    Nipa | Fashionipa

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