Tidy Up Your Home for the Holidays

We understand how stressful the holidays can be. There is no need to panic because we can help you bring your home to All About Tidy standards with these simple tricks. Tackle a couple of these each day and your home will be guest-ready sparkling by Christmas Eve.

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1. Scrub Your Entryway

First impressions are everything and when guests enter a tidy, clean, and fresh smelling entryway, they make the decision that your home is clean and inviting. Take care of these simple tasks:

  • Wipe down the front door, inside and out.
  • Wash the most visible windows. Using a window washing tool makes this task simple.
  • Shake out the doormat.
  • Dust and tidy any entryway furniture.

2. Spend Time on the Kitchen

The center of any home at the holidays is the kitchen. So, if you run short on time, focus on tidying the kitchen. Remember these tasks:

  • Dust light fixtures.
  • Scrub crevices around the sink and consider tidying the sink area with a kitchen sink organizer.
  • Flush sink drains with boiling water and run a lemon through the garbage disposal.
  • Organize and clean out the refrigerator to make room for holiday food. Organizers designed for the refrigerator simplify this task.
  • When holiday cooking creates a mess, baking soda and water make the ideal scouring solution.
  • Organize annoying "junk drawers" with drawer organizers.

3. Tidy Up the Bathrooms

Bathrooms can tend to gather clutter. Eliminate excess items on the counters and sanitize your bathroom with these ideas:

  • Everyone loves a clean bowl, so have some bleach clean up spray on hand for ongoing cleaning throughout the holidays. 
  • Declutter countertops with bathroom organizers.
  • Use a stiff bristled brush in cracks and crevices and around the toilet bowl for a deep clean.
  • Keep tooth brushes and tooth paste tidy with a space saving, wall mounted organizer.


4. Ask a Friend for Tidy Help

Oftentimes we get used to our homes and lose our ability to tidy up. Ask a friend to walk your home to identify areas that need tidying and also to identify any smells that should be eliminated. Try these:

  • Use decorative wax burning pots to create festive scents throughout your home.
  • You may be used to unsightly cords from laptops or even holiday lights, but your guests will notice them. Use a cord and cable cover to eliminate distractions and keep your guests focused on the holiday decorations.
  • Ask a friend for furniture layout input. Rearranging furniture is a great way to freshen up living spaces.

5. Tidy Holiday Decorations

When the holidays are over, prepare for next year by packing away decorations in a tidy fashion. 

As we welcome in the new year, make a resolution to keep your life and your spaces as tidy as possible for a happy and productive new year.


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