21 Ingenious Wrapping Paper Storage Ideas

Special occasions bring us joy and are the perfect opportunity to give gifts to our beloved friends and family. Receiving a gift that is thoughtfully and beautifully wrapped adds a bit of magic to the gift. Whether you are wrapping a gift for a close friend or for a kid's birthday party, professional-looking gift wrap with attention to detail, like adding a bow or ribbon makes it more special. It's hard to get motivated about gift wrap if you don't have a tidy system for storing and using your wrapping paper. Wrapping gifts can quickly become overwhelming without a wrapping paper organizing system in place.

There are so many DIY ideas to create a wrapping paper storage system that works for you and your space. Once you create an organized gift wrapping station, you will enjoy your gift-wrapping duties and will be able to easily add those detailed touches that help your gift to stand out from the others.

From tissue paper to gift tags and even large rolls of gift wrap, this article will outline the most creative and effective methods for storing the wrapping paper and gift wrap accessories that you need to put that extra special touch on every gift you give.

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Why Organize Your Gift Wrap?

If you have ever run around the house searching for a gift bag, tissue paper, and a gift tag moments before heading out the door to a birthday party, you already understand why it is ideal to organize your wrapping paper and supplies. When we have a tidy gift wrapping station with all of our gift wrap supplies within reach, wrapping is simple. An organized gift wrapping station will have the following:

  • Gift bags for multiple occasions (birthday, baby shower, holidays, etc)
  • Gift wrap for multiple occasions
  • Tissue paper in a variety of colors
  • Gift tags
  • Tape
  • Gift wrap cutter
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Cellophane

Best Gift Wrap Organization Methods

Walk into any event or celebration with the best wrapped gift once you put a few of these gift wrap storage methods in place.

The first step is to identify where you want your gift wrapping to be stored. Do you want to create a gift wrap station in the corner of a room or in a closet? Or do you want to store your gift wrap supplies and pull them out when you need to wrap a gift? Whatever you decide, visualize the space you want to use and then select the storage solutions that will work for that space.

Store Rolls Of Gift Wrap In Laundry Hampers

Gift wrap storage ideas
Photo Credit: Abby Organizes​​

Laundry hampers are great space savers and will allow you to store multiple rolls of wrapping paper in one place without taking up too much space. The tall, thin shape of a slim laundry basket creates the ideal wrapping paper storage container. Rolls of gift wrap are contained in a convenient location and are simple to move when they are stored in a hamper. If you have several rolls of gift wrap for different occasions, label each hamper and keep the rolls separate. Sorting like this also makes it easy to know when you need to restock gift wrap.

When choosing a hamper, make sure it has enough room for the number of rolls of gift wrap you keep on hand. It’s also important to choose a hamper with sturdy construction to ensure that it can support the weight of the gift wrap. We love this slim hamper on wheels for our gift wrap storage.

Pegboard Gift Wrap Storage

Pegboard gift wrap storage
Photo Credit: BonBon Break​​

If you have hung out at All About Tidy for a while, you already know that we love pegboard organizing.

Peg storage is an economical and convenient way to organize gift bags, wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift tags, and all your gift wrap accessories. Pegboard systems offer a great way to use vertical space when space is at a premium. With this method, you only need a few pegs, which can be attached to a wall or door frame. This allows you to hang the wrapping paper in neat rows, as well as any gift bags that you might have. Pegboard and their accessories come in different sizes so it's easy to find one that fits the size of your gift wrap collection.

Using pegboard storage keeps gift bags, rolls of gift wrap, tape, ribbon, and anything else you use for gift wrap in one central location. You can even color-code your pegboards for holidays, size of gift, or any other way that makes sense to you. Storing gift wrap this way prevents the wrap and tissue paper from wrinkling or becoming unusable.

Gift Wrap File Folders

Photo Credit: ​​Emily Fazio

Various types of filing systems work well for storing and organizing gift wrap, gift bags, and tissue paper. We usually think of file folders being used for important papers or magazines, but they are easily used for so many organizing projects. Separate the types of gift wrap into individual file folders or sort gift wrap by occasion. Use a clear acrylic file folder or a filing box. The important thing is that gift wrap is orderly and that the system works for you. Label each file folder so that you know precisely what is inside each container or pocket.

For organization bonus points, consider color coding your gift wrap according to the occasion. For example, choose one color for formal occasions such as weddings, another color for birthdays, and a third color for holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah, etc. This makes it easier to find what you are looking for when selecting a specific wrapping paper or bag.

Door Mounted Gift Wrap Storage System

Door Mounted gift wrap storage
Photo Credit: Neat Method​​

Door-mounted gift wrap stations are a clever way to maximize your workspace and keep all of your wrapping paper and gift-wrapping supplies organized and out of the way by using the back of a closet door. This gift wrap storage method consists of utilizing a door in your craft room, linen closet, pantry, or any door that is convenient for you, as a place to store rolls of wrapping paper, gift bags, tags, ribbons, bows, tape, and scissors. Door mounted organizing solutions are perfect for a small space. 

Start by measuring the length of your door so that you know what size door rack, plastic baskets or bins will fit best. Decide whether you want to purchase a prearranged organizing system that attaches to the door or if you want to individually place the storage components. Fill hanging bins with more oversized items like gift bags or rolls of wrapping paper, while smaller items such as ribbons and tags can be placed into bins or on hooks that are small enough to fit in the spaces in between.

Hanging Closet Gift Wrap Supply Storage

Creating an organized hanging supply station for your gift-wrapping supplies can save you time and energy when wrapping presents. It is also an organization method that is neatly tucked away. 

Start by gathering all the supplies you use for wrapping gifts- wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, ribbon, tape, scissors, and any other items you may use. Next, decide which hanging supply station works best for you. If you have very limited closet space, use a flat hanging system. If you have a bit more space in a hall closet or somewhere similar, we like the boxy storage solution. There are specific spaces for each type of gift wrap and it holds a surprisingly generous amount of gift wrap. Label each pocket or storage section for maximum tiny benefits.

Big Box of Gift Wrap

Gift wrap storage boxes are an ideal solution to store everything gift wrap. These big boxes have a space for every gift wrap accessory and the long, cumbersome rolls of paper. Labeling pens, scissors, ribbon curlers, gift tags, gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons of every size, bows, and wrapping paper will all fit perfectly to keep your gift wrap tidy and ready for subsequent use. 

If you have a massive amount of gift wrap, use a different gift wrap box to store wrapping paper for each occasion or purchase various-sized boxes to match your specific needs.

Rolling Cart Gift-Wrapping Station

Rolling Gift Wrap Cart
Photo Credit: Practical Perfection​​

If you have followed All About Tidy for a while, you know that we are obsessed with rolling carts and think they are a great idea for organizing everything. We use them for everything that needs to be organized and portable and gift wrap is no exception. Organizing gift-wrapping supplies in a rolling cart means that everything is stored together and you can roll it to wherever you want to wrap gifts. My nosy kiddos will spoil a surprise if I try to wrap their gifts at the kitchen table so I wheel the gift wrap cart into my bedroom for more privacy.

Stock a rolling cart with gift wrap rolls, packs of gift wrap, cute embellishments, gift tags...anything you need to wrap a lovely gift. Then wheel is wherever you need it for maximum storage flexibility.

Gift Wrap Plastic Storage Bin

If you primarily use gift wrap rolls and need a space-saving way to store and protect them, you will love this plastic storage bin. It has two storage compartments- one is a small section on top for ribbon and tape, and the other is a long section for storing rolls. This storage solution is particularly great if you store your gift wrap in a garage or shed and want to protect it from humidity or pests. The bin is slim and can easily be stored in narrow spaces. 

Wall Mounted Dowel Organizer

If you have a four-foot wide section of wall space that can be used for gift wrap storage, this dowel storage system is a gift wrap game changer. Store 9 full rolls of gift wrap and use the last dowel to hang spools of ribbon, tape, scissors, gift bags, and other embellishments. We love how simple this storage design is, and yet it organizes the gift wrapping supplies we need to wrap a beautiful gift. If you prefer a small roll of wrapping paper, you can use a paper towel holder for the same result. 

If you have a craft room, this system is the easy way to store everything in one place. If not, it can be installed in a closet, in the garage, or even in a hallway.

Command Hook Gift Wrap Station

Photo Credit: Living in a Nutshell​​

If you love the idea of using dowels to create a gift wrapping center but you don't love the idea of installing a permanent rack, use large Command hooks. Line the hooks up and adhere them to your wall and then position your dowel rods. Use one of the dowels to hang accessories or position a table or cart underneath to hold any extras you may need. You can also use tension rods or even curtain rods in place of the dowel rods. 

Chest of Gift Wrap Drawers

Repurpose a piece of furniture into a gift wrap storage station. A chest of drawers, an office cart, or any storage furniture can organize and store gift wrap and supplies. Look for a piece of furniture with a space long enough to fit 36" rolls of gift wrap. Then add some smaller storage bins to section space for gift tags and embellishments. if you don't have anything in your home to convert into a gift wrap storage station, we love this rolling chest of drawers with tall storage space in the back and two dowels on the side.

Black Wire Gift Wrap Shelving

Black wire shelving can be used for so many storage solutions and gift wrap is one of our favorites. Use a black wire shelving unit to conveniently store and organize gift wrap, tissue paper, gift bags, and accessories. 

Neatly fold tissue paper and wrap it over one of the wires. Add a few hooks and hang gift bags and gift tags. Use the horizontal space of the shelving to store long rolls of gift wrap. If you are a gift wrap hoarded, this is a great way to display your gift wrap and keep it free from wrinkles and other damage.

Classroom Keepers Gift Wrap Storage

Remember those construction paper shelves that every classroom had in grade school? They are called classroom keepers and they work wonderfully for organizing gift wrap. Label each opening and store gift bags, tissue paper, and flat gift wrap. The 12" by 18" openings are the perfect size for small to medium gift bags. For larger supplies, place a bin on top of the shelving to keep it all in one central place.

Bike Rack Gift Wrap Storage

bike rack gift wrap storage
Photo Credit:Styletic​​

If you have an old bike rack lying around, repurpose it to store your gift wrap. The curvy part of the rack holds up to fifty rolls of gift wrap, and the hooks store gift bags and other accessories. We are so impressed by the creativity of this idea and we love the opportunity to convert old, unused items into fresh storage solutions. 

Turn a 5 Gallon Bucket Into a Gift Wrap Station

gift wrap bucket
Photo Credit: Martha Stewart​​

I have seen five-gallon buckets used for many things, but I absolutely love how this one is used for gift wrap storage. Repurpose an apron or work belt and hot glue it to the bucket's rim. Add a dowel across the middle of the bucket for ribbon and stick those long rolls of gift wrap right in the bucket. Easily carry the bucket from room to room for any wrapping project.

Repurpose Old Luggage for Gift Wrap Storage

repurpose luggage for storing gift wrap

Another clever way to repurpose old stuff for storing gift wrap is to use old luggage. Luggage has pockets and straps and plenty of cool places to organize gift wrap and related accessories. If you have long rolls of wrapping paper, use a large piece of luggage, but if you have shorter rolls, carry-on size luggage will work fine. 

DIY Bar Stool Gift Wrap Organizer

bar stool gift wrap storage
Photo Credit: 2 Little Hooligans​​

And this is yet another way to repurpose old stuff around your home to create tidy gift wrap storage. For this clever storage solution, you will need one bar stool, fabric, and casters. It can be an old kitchen stool you have stashed in the garage. When it is complete, you will have ample room for rolls of gift wrap, gift bags, and all the gift wrap tools you need to wrap a mountain of gifts. The casters make the gift wrap station mobile for easy wrapping anywhere in your home. You can find detailed instructions here.

On The Go Gift Wrap Caddy

Have you ever stopped at the store on the way to a birthday party to grab a last-minute gift? You aren't alone. Keep a gift wrap caddy in the trunk of your car for last-minute gift wrapping. Stash a few gift bags, some gift tags, markers, ribbon, scissors, tissue paper, and tape and be ready to wrap a gift on-the-go. We love this caddy because it has so many pockets and is durable and roomy. It also comes in several cute colors.

Basic Plastic Bin Gift Wrap Storage

storage bin for gift wrap
Photo Credit: Better Homes& Gardens​​

If you have a bit of room under your bed or a couch, put together a gift wrap station in a long, clear storage bin. Neatly store long gift wrap rolls, gift bags, ribbon, tissue paper, and anything needed for wrapping gifts. Slide it under your bed for tidy storage and quick access when it is time to wrap.

Top Shelf Gift Wrap Storage

store gift wrap on a closet shelf
Photo Credit:Better Homes & Gardens​​

Take advantage of that hard-to-reach top closet shelf and create a gift wrap storage area. With a few acrylic containers and a couple of acrylic magazine holders, you can create a simple space for gift wrap storage. 

DIY Custom Gift Wrap Storage

custom DIY gift wrap station
Photo Credit: Nick+ Alicia​​

If you are super handy and want to build a custom DIY gift wrap station for your space, Nick + Alicia came up with this clever idea. This gorgeous wooden gift wrap station includes two dowels used for gift wrap rolls and little container sections for embellishments, cards, gift tags, and anything else you want within reach. So creative!

Organizing a gift wrapping area doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With the help of a few simple tools and techniques, you can easily create the perfect solution for an organized and efficient wrapping station in your home or workspace. Whether it’s a hanging supply station, gift-wrapping organization box, gift-wrap cart, or any other method, decide which is best for you and get started. The process doesn't have to be overwhelming - just take it one step at a time, and you’ll soon be on your way to having a neat, efficient wrapping station.

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