Tips for RV Shower Storage and Organization

Living in an RV or tiny home is wonderful for so many reasons. It also comes with its unique challenges. Maintaining tidy spaces when your spaces are small can be tough. Most RVs and tiny homes have small shower spaces that can quickly become cluttered with shower essentials like shampoo, conditioner, body gel, razors, bar soap, and lotion. We have compiled our favorite small shower storage and organization solutions. I use a few of these in my own RV shower and they make shower cleaning so much easier. 

These ideas are perfect for small apartment showers, boats, and even college dorms.

Some RV showers have built in shower cubbies or even shower seats that provide storage options, but many are so small and limiting when it comes to storage and organization. If you struggle to keep your shower clean, tidy, and organized, you will love these ideas.

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Shampoo and Conditioner Dispenser Caddies 

If your shower has multiple bottles of shampoos, conditioners, and lotions fumbling all around, this is the shower storage solution for you. With dispenser caddies, there are no more drips and no more upside down bottles. Cleaning your shower is a breeze when you don't have to move and wipe down various products. Mounting the caddy is simple and refilling it is a breeze.

If your shower is super tiny and you are looking for a corner mount caddy dispenser, this two-chamber corner mount dispenser is a great option. It is simple to install and even comes with hooks for hanging washcloths or shower puffs.

tiny shower dispenser caddy

Here is my RV shower and the caddy that I use. It mounts with silicone and has staying power. My RV has experienced temperatures over 100 degrees (thanks, Florida) and has been driven down bumpy roads and the caddy remains firmly attached. It doesn't drip and it simple to refill and clean. 

RV dispenser caddy

If you need three chambers, but have limited wall space, this sleek caddy dispenser is a welcome addition to your shower. The teardrop shaped dispensers easily remove for refilling or cleaning. The large push buttons dispense the perfect amount of liquid with each use.

 Shower Towers

If you have decent floor space, but no real storage solutions, a floor standing shower tower could solve this. Shower towers are great because they maximize vertical space that is typically left unused. And if your bathroom storage is tight, using vertical space is a smart idea. 

We love this shower tower because it is made of beautiful bamboo, which reminds us of the spa. It is compact (can be used inside or outside of the shower) and adds three shelves of space. It is also great for RV showers because the shelves are deep, so there is no worry about falling bottles while in transit. 


Another way to maximize vertical space in a small shower is to install a shower pole caddy for added storage. Think- shower tension rod, but vertical. The pole extends from the shower floor to the ceiling and the adjustable shelves fan out wherever you need them. The shelves are self-draining and easy to clean. Store loofahs, bottles, bar soap, and even shower puffs. 

Shower Tension Rod

If you own an RV, you already know how useful tension rods can be for any small space. Small showers are no exception to this. Whether you need to hold something in place or add hanging storage, tension rods do the trick. 

If you are looking for a place to hang washcloths or shower puffs, install a tension rod across the narrow part of your shower and add hooks. Now you have the perfect way to hang. We love these tension rods because the tension is tight enough to withstand moving RVs or boats and they look stylish. Be sure to order a few because they are multi-purpose and add hanging space in any room in your RV or tiny home. 

If you want to be really fancy, replace your existing curtain rod or shower doors with a double tension shower rod. Hang your shower curtain on one bar and use the remaining tension rod for hanging towels, washcloths, or add hooks for hanging practically anything. 

Once you install your tension rod, add this clever shower curtain with mesh storage pockets. It is mildew resistant, easy to clean and strong enough to hold washcloths, loofahs, bottles, tub or shower toys, or anything else you need to access while sudsing up.

Wall Mount Shower Caddy Baskets

If you are looking to maximize your wall space in your RV or tiny home, we have tried several wall mount shower caddy baskets and we have a few favorites. 

We love this two pack of shower caddies with convenient hooks because they are high-walled and look so tidy and clean. They are perfect for utilizing shower walls for storage, but are also gorgeous in small kitchens, too.

This corner suction cup mounted shower caddy is a fan favorite among RVers because it is lightweight, holds up to 22lbs of shower stuff and is simple to clean. Because it is mounted with suction cups, it is also easy to move in the event you want to switch it to another corner or adjust the height. 

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If your small bathroom has a hotel or spa-like look and feel, the Sideline product line will blend right in with your current aesthetic. This screw mount shower basket caddy has sleek, clean lines and can be stacked in groupings for maximize storage of bottles, bar soap, lotions, etc. 

This same product line also has a caddy with hooks and one for corner mounting

Shower Head Caddy

If you prefer a shower head mounted shower caddy, this one is our favorite. It has a sleek design and universal fit so it will fit over nearly ever shower head. There is ample room for shampoo bottles, bar soap, lotions, and it has multiple hooks for shower puffs and scrubbing sponges. The bottom part attaches to the shower wall with suction cups so there is no rocking when your RV is mobile. We love this shower caddy for RVs, boats, and tiny homes. 

Use a few of these ideas to create the tidy RV shower of your dreams. 

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