21 Smart Ways to Organize Water Bottles for a Tidy Kitchen

Do you have kitchen cabinets that overflow with reusable water bottles? Are your kitchen countertops cluttered with water bottles at the end of each day? Why do we continue to collect so many water bottles? Each family member has a favorite water bottle and at least one additional one. 

Reusable water bottles are a popular and eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bottles but they are incredibly challenging to store in an organized way and cause so much kitchen clutter. 

Finding an organized space accommodating their varying shapes and heights can be challenging, but with these water bottle storage ideas, you'll bring order to your water bottles. Imagine a world where water bottles no longer fall out each time you open your cabinets- here are the best ways to achieve that vision. 

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Top Solutions for Storing Water Bottles

The first step to organizing and storing water bottles is purging unused ones. Everyone typically has a favorite water bottle, and they take up too much space to keep multiple lying around. If your household has a larger collection of water bottles, ask everyone to pare down to one or two. If you must keep water bottles that aren't used daily, hide them on a top shelf.

When looking for ways to organize reusable water bottles in your home, it's essential to consider the size and number of bottles you have and the space you have available. Depending on your needs, you may want a storage solution that can hold several bottles at once or fit in a small space.

Repurpose A Wine Rack

Repurposing an old wine rack is a great way to store water bottles. Surprisingly, most water bottles are the same diameter as wine bottles, so it is a great option. Not only does a wine rack allow for the most efficient use of space, but it also elevates the aesthetic of your kitchen. Instead of an unsightly stack of water bottles, you now have an attractive water bottle holder in your kitchen. 

It's incredible how much of a difference repurposing a wine rack can make. When using this storage solution, it is important to measure the space you are using beforehand, as not every wine rack can accommodate different sizes and types of water bottles. Arrange each row so the taller bottles are at the back with the smallest ones in front. We recommend this one if you don't have an unused wine rack.

Over-the-Door Organizer

An over-the-door organizer is ideal for maximizing storage space using the back of a pantry door. The organizer will hang on any door or wall and has numerous compartments of different sizes to accommodate all sorts of water bottles.  

Be The Boss Of Your Bottles

The Bottle Boss is an ingenious way to store bottles to any flat surface, including inside cabinet doors. The cable holds bottles in place until their next use.  

Stackable Water Bottle Storage Rack

The stackable water bottle storage rack is a great solution for anyone looking for an efficient way to store their water bottles on a pantry shelf or even a countertop. This storage rack allows you to stack the water bottles making it the perfect solution for limited space. 

The rack is made of sturdy metal with a black finish that looks great in any kitchen or pantry. The rack also has plenty of room on top so you can add other items like spices or canned goods if needed. With this storage rack, your kitchen will be free from messy piles of water bottles.

Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are a simple yet timeless water bottle storage solution for your collection. They provide easy access and organization, making it easy to locate specific bottles when you need them. Storage baskets come in many sizes and shapes, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly. 

You can use a single basket to store multiple bottles of different sizes or have several baskets to hold one type of bottle each. With storage baskets neatly lined up on a cabinet shelf, you'll say goodbye to water bottle chaos forever. If you don't have enough room in your cabinets, they are aesthetic enough to place on a nearby shelf.

Wire Stand

The wire stand is a great water bottle storage idea for anyone looking to keep their kitchen cupboards neat and organized. This wire stand has a stacked shelf design that can hold multiple sizes of water bottles, from large one-liter sized containers down to smaller 16oz bottles. 

The advantage of this system over traditional cabinets or drawers is that you can easily see what type of bottle you need, without having to dig through them all. Another great feature is its portability; the stand can be quickly moved out of the way when not in use.

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Drawer Divider

If you are fortunate enough to have a spare kitchen drawer, divide it with bamboo drawer dividers to create sections for each water bottle. The dividers are adjustable to accommodate chunky and slim water bottles.

Door Shoe Organizer

We love door shoe organizers because they have so many amazing uses. The shoe pockets are the perfect size for holding and storing water bottles. Hang the shoe organizer on the wall or over a closet or pantry door and store up to 24 water bottles.

Magazine Holders

Set a couple magazine holders on their side and use them to store standard-size water bottles. Each magazine holder will support three water bottles for a grab-and-go solution.

Cabinet Door Clear Container

This space-saving storage solution is great for storage bags and foil, but also works for storing standard-size water bottles.Hide water bottles behind a cabinet door when not in use.

Plastic Water Bottle Organizer

For sleek water bottle storage, try the stackable plastic water bottle organizer. Each tier holds three water bottles and they hook together to stack and offer additional water bottle storage. 

YouCopia Water Bottle Organizer

One of the most popular water bottle storage solutions, YouCopia offers multiple configurations to meet your storage needs. The storage rack holds multiple-size water bottles and has a no-slip surface to prevent the bottles from rolling. 

Bamboo Water Bottle Organizer with Labels

Add natural bamboo styling to your kitchen while storing your water bottles. The bamboo water bottle organizer comes in multiple sizes to meet your storage needs. It also comes with labels so that every family member knows which shelf is for their personal water bottles.

Expandable Water Bottle Organizer

Check out the expandable water bottle storage rack if you want a versatile solution that can grow with your storage needs. Adjust both the height and width of the rack to fit in any space. 

Kitchen Countertop Tray

If you prefer to keep your water bottles within sight and reach, consider placing a decorative tray on your countertop to hold your water bottles. Depending on the style of your space, you could use a lazy susan type tray or a rectangular wooden tray.

Under the Sink Storage

Under sink organizers are useful to store so many different essentials and keep them out of the way. We personally use this under sink organizer for storing dish soap and cleaning solution and then water bottles sit on the top shelf.

Bottle Drying Rack

If you use and wash your water bottles daily, you may not need a storage solution. Properly dry them on this water bottle drying rack so they don't grow mildew, and then refill them on your way out the door.

Inside Refrigerator Storage

If you like to keep your water at the coldest temperatures, place your water bottles in an acrylic bin in the refrigerator. The bin will keep them contained so they don't roll around and they will be chilled and ready.

Cube Storage System

If you are short on space and can't find anywhere to put a water bottle rack, consider adding small cube storage to a hallway. Place your water bottles in the cubes and keep them out of the way.

Heavy Duty Command Hooks

If you only use one or two water bottles, use heavy-duty command hooks on convenient wall space. Hang your water bottle on the hook for easy storage when you walk in the door. We prefer these hooks because they hold up to 15 pounds.

Wire Hanger Storage

Heavy-duty wire hangers are a great water bottle storage hack. Slip the water bottle handle over the wire hanger and hang it in the entry closet. 

Slim Rolling Cart

Slim rolling carts are a great place to store excess water bottles. Arrange the water bottles in the cart and then roll the cart into the hallway, pantry, or anywhere that makes sense for you and your space.

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Water bottle storage can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge with the right solutions. Once each family member knows the designated spot for their water bottles, water bottle clutter will be a thing of the past. 

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