7 Best Sink Caddies for RVs and Tiny Homes

When kitchen space is limited, adding a sink caddy can be an organizing game changer. There are several benefits to using a sink caddy:
  • Sink caddies ensure all the kitchen essentials are organized.
  • Sink caddies keep the sink area looking clean and fresh. Without proper tidying, kitchen sink areas can easily become grimy.
  • Sink caddies are more hygienic. Drainage holes allow kitchen sink tools to air out between uses.

Sink caddies are great for any kitchen, but RV kitchens and tiny home kitchens that are in need of extra space can benefit the most from a sink caddy. Since I live full-time in my RV, I have tested several sink caddies. This list of sink caddies includes my favorites. Choose the one that best fits your needs from this list of the best sink caddies.

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Best Sink Caddies, Especially for Small Kitchens

1. Multipurpose Sink Storage Organizer

Best Sink Caddy

This is the sink caddy that I use in my RV kitchen. It is durable, rust-free and holds my sponge, dish cleaning tools, and dish soap. What I love most about this sink caddy is that it has drainage holes that allow the water to drain out of the sponge and air to flow up. I never have issues with mildew and the drainage tray is simple to slide out and wash. As a bonus, this sink caddy looks clean and sleek and blends in with decor. 

2. Stainless Steel Countertop Sink Caddy

Stainless steel sink caddy

This rust-proof stainless steel countertop sink caddy made the cut because of its simple and beautiful design and functionality. The anti-slip rubber bottom protects your solid surface countertop from scratches and holds the sink caddy firmly in place. It also has great drainage to prevent soap scum or mildew from forming. Store your sponge, dish cleaning tools and dish soap neatly in this fantastic sink caddy.

3. Wall Mounted Kitchen Caddy

Wall Mount Kitchen Caddy

If your kitchen sink and counter space is exceptionally small, don't worry- we have a solution. Rather than use counter space for a sink caddy, install a wall mounted kitchen caddy. Store dish and hand soap, lotion, sponges, and dish cleaning tools in the wall mounted caddy to conserve sink and counter space and maximize wall space. Small kitchen spaces require creative tidy solutions.

4. Commercial Grade Modern Stainless Sink Caddy

Commercial Stainless Steel Sink Caddy

If you know that you are hard on your kitchen accessories, this commercial grade modern stainless sink caddy is perfect for you. It weighs just over 2lbs and is constructed with commercial, rust-free steel and is built to last. The built in drainage tray is easy to clean and catches a large volume of water. Easily store your sponges, drying towel, dish soap, and dish washing tools in a tidy way.

5. In-Sink Kitchen Sink Caddy

In Sink Kitchen Caddy

Perfect for larger sinks, this in-sink caddy easily attached with adhesive hooks. Store your dish washing tools and sponges without using any counterspace. It is rust-free and durable and keeps your sink stuff out of the way and drained. 

6. Oxo Sleek Kitchen Sink Caddy

We love the OXO brand. We became obsessed with them when we discovered their amazing canister sets. We love this small, sleek OXO stainless steel kitchen caddy for a few reasons:

  • It has adjustable dividers.
  • It comes in stainless or white.
  • It is small, but holds a lot.

7. Expandable In Sink Caddy

Expandable Sink Caddy

If you are looking for an expandable kitchen sink caddy, this is the one you want. This sink caddy is perfect for odd sized kitchen sinks. It easily expands to fit any sink and does not require adhesive or suction cups. This sink caddy is super easy to clean and will hold everything you need for dishes. 

Any of these kitchen sink caddies will make a tidy addition to your small kitchen space. 

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