10 Best Drop Front Shoe Boxes

What are drop front shoe boxes? They are a simple yet brilliant method of tidy shoe storage. Keep shoes organized and clean with high-quality plastic boxes that allow you access your shoes from the front and stack them with ease.

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Whether you are a shoe aficionado, a footwear collector, or you simply love a tidy closet space, drop front shoe boxes are a must-have. 

Reasons To Use Drop Front Shoe Boxes

There are so many reasons why these simple and sleek organizational boxes are part of every enviable closet. 

Beautiful Aesthetics

We know that shoes are functional, but they are also an artistic showpiece of an organized closet space. High-quality shoes are a big investment and we should treat them as such. Did you purchase those stilettos because they have irresistible lines? Did you score those collectible sneakers recently after searching for months? Our shoes are part of our personal brand and it only makes sense to show them off by storing them in drop front shoe boxes.

Clean Storage

We love when the weather changes and we rotate our clothes and shoes for the new season. It is such a great feeling to pull out shoes that you haven't been able to wear for months. When you store your shoes in a drop front box, you are assured that they will be pristine and dust-free the next time you want to wear them.

Stackable and Customizable

If you just started growing your Jimmy Choo collection or recently scored some limited edition Jordans, you may only need to start with a few drop front shoe boxes. As your collection grows, you can add more boxes. Drop front shoe boxes allow you to adjust the layout to fit your space and stack as high as you want to maximize your storage space. And some drop front shoe boxes come in colors that can be mixed and matched.

How to Shop for Drop Front Shoe Boxes

If you are looking to purchase drop front shoe boxes, you want to look for the following:

  • Choose a drop front shoe box that is clear. You want to be able to see your shoes so you can easily grab the ones you need.
  • Invest in high quality drop front shoe boxes. You want them to last without cracking or discoloring. 
  • Look for drop front shoe boxes that are easy to stack and open. 
  • Choose the right size. If you have a large foot, make sure the drop front shoe boxes you buy are large enough. If you own several pairs of boots, invest in the right number of boot boxes. 
  • Make sure that the brand you buy is reputable. You will likely need to buy more down the line and want to make sure you will be able to buy the same matching drop front shoe boxes.

Top 10 Best Drop Front Shoe Boxes

There are hundreds of options for buying drop front shoe boxes. Considering everything we discussed so far and our independent review of more than fifty boxes, this is our list of the best drop front shoe boxes and our reasoning. 

1. Sleek Black and Extra Large 

We love these sleek looking black boxes for so many reasons. They are extra large and will work for any shoe size and for larger shoes and even boots. The high-quality ABS plastic easily stacks to maximize storage space. These boxes are ventilated allowing shoes to breathe. Don't worry about opening the door to stinky, stuffy shoes. 

2. Pumps & Kicks 

We love drop front shoe boxes by Pumps & Kicks because they look like shoe storage heaven. Available in clear or black, they are large enough for size 14 shoes and tall enough to accommodate the highest stilettos. The front opening is crystal clear, allowing you to see your shoes. The rear ventilation allows for air flow without interfering with the aesthetic and the front cover is magnetic- so cool!

3. Under the Bed 

If your closet space is limited and you are looking for an attractive, clean way to store your shoes under your bed, you will love this drop front shoe box. The slim lined box easily fits under beds and the clear front door allows you to see and access shoes with ease. These boxes are also ventilated in the back and fit snugly together top to bottom or side to side.

4. On Display

If your goal is to protect your shoe collection while putting them on display, these side open drop front shoe boxes are what you will want. Pristinely display shoes horizontally while stacking into a display showcase. The large size accommodates basketball shoes and high heels.

5. No Closet Necessary 

If closet space is limited, these drop front shoe boxes can be used to create a custom end table or placed on a shelf. Constructed with high-quality acrylic and reinforced with a heavy-duty aluminum frame, the boxes have a higher than usual load capacity. The magnetic side door makes for easy opening and the transparent buckle allows for unlimited stacking potential. These drop front shoe boxes look like a modern piece of furniture and we love it.

6. All the Colors

We adore these colorful drop front stacking shoe boxes. Available in blue, aqua, purple, pink, and lemon lime colors, they create a bubble gum pop of color. They are easy to assemble and have sufficient ventilation. No need to put these behind a closet door. 

7. Not Quite Drop Front

Even though this shoe storage system is not quite "drop front," we love it and had to include it. The show storage cabinet has clear acrylic doors that swing closed to protect and display a large number of shoes. The high quality construction is designed to bear weight over time while maintaining structural integrity. Use dividers to configure the spaces however you need to accommodate larger or smaller shoes or even handbags. 

8. The Flashiest

For the passionate shoe collector who wants to create the ultimate shoe display, SNKRHOLIC drop front, voice controlled lighting display boxes will give you the edge. Choose from black or clear. When the boxes register sound, like your voice, they immediately activate ambient LED lighting to make choosing a shoe to wear even easier. 

9. Your Best Foot Forward

Consistently earning a five star rating on Amazon, the PURE RESULTZ drop front shoe boxes are large and crystal clear acrylic on three sides. The back is a jet black backdrop perfect for showing off your shoes. The upgraded magnetic door offers strong sealing and the stacking design is super sturdy. 

10. Handle-less Design

A unique take on drop front shoe storage, this handle-less design has a slide out tray that conveniently brings your shoes to you. Crystal clear acrylic allows a full view of your shoes and a pull out platform opens the door and glides your shoe out of the box. Amazing!

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