15 Clever Ways to Organize Underwear Without Using Drawers

An organized underwear collection is essential for ensuring you always have a clean, fresh pair when needed. If you don't have a dresser with drawers in your space, underwear can become a jumbled mess. If you live in a small space, like an RV or a tiny house or apartment, you may not have any apparent space to store underwear, so we came up with some great organizer ideas. All it takes is a bit of ingenuity to organize and store your underwear and socks in a tidy way that is also accessible. 

How to Organize Underwear Without Dresser Drawers

Keeping underwear tidy without dresser drawers may seem like a daunting task, but there are so many alternative solutions. Browse through the list below and identify a few solutions that will work with your space and lifestyle. Even someone who is not the most organized person can find an underwear-organizing solution that works for them.

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Purge Your Underwear

The first step in any organizing project is to pare down. Master organizer Marie Kondo advises us to rid ourselves of anything that doesn't "spark joy." Even the best underwear doesn't necessarily bring joy, but now is the time to throw away underwear that:

  • Doesn't fit
  • Has stretched elastic or holes
  • Is stained
  • You simply don't wear

We all have that pair of underwear or bra that we haven't worn in a long time. If you haven't worn it in the past 90 days, get rid of it. Textile waste consumes a large portion of landfills and the average pair of underwear takes 30 years to completely break down, so once you have your discarded underwear together, consider donating them for free textile recycling

Underwear Storage Solutions

Hanging Storage Baskets

Using hanging storage baskets is a great idea for organizing underwear without the space constraints of drawers. These work just like hanging shoe organizers, but they have different-sized organizers that are perfect for various types of undergarments. They even have extra side pockets to store random important things.

Hang the organizer from a closet rod or even from two s hooks installed in the ceiling. The organizer creates extra room to store your intimates while minimizing clutter in the process. The hanging storage basket underwear organizers allow you to easily divide and organize your underwear by type, color, or even design using vertical space.

You can also add labels to find what you need quickly and with ease. 

The most significant benefit of using hanging storage baskets is that they take up much less space than a traditional dresser and are perfect for small bedrooms or closets that can't accommodate much furniture. This makes a hanging closet organizer perfect for those with limited space in an apartment or college dorm.

Under the Bed Storage Space

Organizers designed for under the bed are an excellent solution for organizing underwear without using drawers. This storage container is specifically designed to fit under the bed, providing easy access and organization of any clothing item. They can even come with dividers perfect for different pieces, like socks, bras, and underwear.

When space is at a premium, under-bed storage maximizes available space and allows for easy accessibility when storing items like underwear. 

Closet Organizer Storage Option

If you have closet space with open shelves, use your closet to its fullest potential. Closet organizers allow you to customize your existing closet storage system to allow for the number of compartments needed to successfully organize your undergarments. 

We love this organizing system because it allows you to maximize closet shelf space and ensure all your underwear is conveniently organized. Roll your underwear and bras and place them in the pull-out fabric drawer compartments for easy access.

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Over Closet Door Organizer

Hang an organizer over a closet door, just like a shoe organizer. Select an organizer with multiple pockets providing plenty of space to store different pieces. This style of organizer takes up very little space and will accommodate your entire underwear collection. 

Never dig through a drawer for a pair of panties or a bra again. They are lightweight, so they won't damage the door and are easy to move around, if needed.

Wall Mounted Underwear Organizer

Well-designed wall-mounted organizers are a good option for underwear storage that is tidy but out of the way. The storage box is sectioned into small compartments perfect for bra, sock, and underwear storage. 

The adhesive strips allow for easy installation and removal. The containers are clear and the sliding lid keeps your underwear dust free. 

Filing Cabinet

If you use a filing cabinet for sorting and storing essential documents, section out a spot for organizing your underwear. Add a couple of drawer organizers to the filing cabinet and turn it into an underwear organizer. 

Underwear Storage Bins

Storage bins designed for small items, like pairs of socks and underwear, the structured dividers keep each item tidy and in place. The cut-outs in the side allow the fabric to breathe, and handles allow for easy moving.

Neatly roll your underwear and place in the organizer. Stack organizers on the floor, under the bed, or on any flat surface.

Shelf Space

Shelf space in a closet or linen closet can be used to neatly store underwear. There are several ways to use shelving:

Kitchen Drawers

Consider turning one drawer into underwear storage if you have ample kitchen drawer space. Use kitchen drawer dividers and neatly roll and place underwear. This solution may not give you the deep dresser drawers space that is ideal, but it will provide a neat space. 

Desktop Drawers

A large-capacity underwear storage bin can be placed on a desktop or table. The linen construction is safe for delicate items and even pairs of socks. The lid keeps all undergarments dust free and fresh. 

Hanging Rods

If you want to add storage space, consider mounting a hanging rod and shelf to open wall space. An additional hanging rod opens your options up to hanging underwear storage and also shelf space to store organizing bins.

Back of the Closet Door

Take advantage of the backs of closet doors by installing hanging baskets. Use one basket for socks, one for underwear, and one for bras. You can have perfectly organized underwear without drawers with this simple solution.

Hanging Shoe Organizer

Another method for using hanging rods for underwear storage is to install a hanging shoe organizer. Designed for shoes, they work for organizing just about anything. We love the organizers with sleeves that wrap around the tension rod, but the hanging plastic shoe organizers also work well.

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Vertical Shoe Racks

Use a corner to install a vertical shoe rack if you don't have enough space for a dresser with drawers. Place underwear neatly in fabric bins and slide them into the spaces of the shoe rack.

Wooden Hangers

If you have plenty of hanging rod space, use wooden hangers with clips to hang undergarments like panties and bras. Keep underwear neat and organized in your closet without taking up very much space.

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