This Is The Perfect Glamping Glass for RV Kitchens

Stocking my RV for a big camping trip is so much fun. I love planning meals, stocking up the toiletries and making sure that we will have everything we need for a successful journey. Until recently, I have stocked the cup cabinet with Tervis Tumblers. I love the convenience and insulation. I even have the Tervis Tumbler wine glasses for when I am feeling fancy. I miss glass, though. I miss the cheers "clink" and I miss the glass rim on my lip as I sip my favorite champagne. Plastic takes the fun out of a cocktail. 

Can I Use Glass in My RV?

W&P Porter Glass Set

My husband spotted me carrying a set of stemless wine glasses into the RV one day. He gave me a dubious look and reminded me they will likely break when we hit our first pothole. I have read about wrapping your glasses in socks or putting them in a cardboard divider box, but that seemed like too much trouble so I defeatedly carried them back into the house. 

But, then, I found the W&P Porter collection of glasses. If you know the brand, you know that they are notorious for well designed, sustainable food storage solutions. Their 30 piece kitchen set is one of my favorite RV kitchen additions. The Porter Glass is actual glass with a buttery smooth silicone wrapped around it to prevent it from breaking. It is the perfect RV glass. The silicone comes in a variety of colors and they offer a very cool Terrazzo pattern. (I have the gold terrazzo!) They even offer personalization options. You can have your name, monogram, logo, whatever, imprinted in the silicone sleeve. 

My Favorite RV Glass

Best RV Glass

I use my Porter Glass to sip everything from LaCroix to wine. The slim line lid prevents spills when we are on the road and the silicone prevents them from breaking in the cabinet while in transit. And, it is SO pretty. 

My camping is now glamping because I will never go back to plastic. This little glass has brought me a ridiculous amount of joy and I am also gifting it to everyone I love. If you love to RV but miss the look and feel of glass, buy the Porter Glass today. You will not regret it! 

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