High Quality Outdoor Furniture on a Budget

I have been dreaming about adding a few high quality furniture pieces to our outdoor space for a while, but the expensive prices held me back. When I visit the Ritz Carlton or The Marriott, I love relaxing in their outdoor spaces with the super comfy furniture. My wish list was pretty extensive and I wasn't willing to compromise.

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My Outdoor Furniture Wish List

Low maintenance outdoor furniture is a priority. These are the elements I was looking for an unwilling to compromise.

  • High quality. I don't want to buy new outdoor furniture every year. I want heavy pieces that are built to last.
  • Comfortable. When I am watching a movie at our outdoor entertainment area, I want to be just as comfortable as if I were in my living room.
  • Weatherproof. I want to enjoy my furniture year round, when the weather permits. I don't want to store it in the winter months. I also don't want to buy expensive furniture that fades in the sun. 
  • Easy to Cover. When the weather is bad, I want an easy cover to pull over to protect the furniture and keep the cushions from getting wet. 
  • Classic. My outdoor furniture vibe is timeless and classic. I want clean lines and easy to clean surfaces. 
  • Affordable. I do not want to pay a ton of money on outdoor furniture. Some of these sets are $20,000+ and that is way out of my budget.

I know. It is a big list. I didn't think it would be possible to have all of these things.

My Process

When I set my mind to something, I am determined to succeed.

Scour Facebook Marketplace

Rather than purchase all of the brand new outdoor furniture together from a place like Outer or Frontgate, I decided to hit Facebook Marketplace. It only took me a few days to find a heavy, teak wood outdoor couch. It was gorgeous and it was only $100! The only catch was that it did not come with cushions or a cover. No problem!

Measure for Cushions

Once I had the piece home, I measured it so that I could find cushions to fit. I found an amazing sale on Wayfair for comfy cushions that would fit perfectly. The cushion set would even provide a few extras in the event that any get damaged over the years. Although the cushion set was designed for a different outdoor couch, the measurements lined up with my couch and it fit perfectly. I scored the cushions for $400.

Measure for Cushion Covers


Once the cushions arrived, I measured them for cushion covers. I was so thrilled to work with the super helpful people at Covers and All. Ordering the cushion covers was simple. I added each cushions' measurements, selected my fabric type and color and then reviewed the order. I opted for the Cushion Pro fabric in Charcoal Gray. The upgraded fabric is waterproof, and UV resistant, comfortable to the touch and even has a five year warranty. The total of the cushions was $139. I was very happy with the price when I compared it to other cover companies.

Measure for Outdoor Couch Cover

Now that my cushions were ordered, I needed to order a protective cover for the outdoor couch. Covers and All custom makes outdoor furniture covers, so I placed the order with them. The cover I ordered was breathable, UV resistant and waterproof. They offer several tie down selections and I opted for the drawstring. They have color choices and I chose gray. The cover was priced at $159.

The Final Price

After purchasing the furniture, buying the cushions, cushion covers, and a cover for the whole piece, my total was less than $800. I have seen a similar teak outdoor couch for $1500 without the protective cover. Finding Covers and All made the difference and allowed me to have high quality outdoor furniture on a budget. 

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