14 Best 3-Tier Rolling Carts for Storage and Organization

Who doesn't love a good 3-tier rolling cart? They add convenient on-the-go storage and are useful for so many different purposes. Whether you need to move your crafty stuff from room to room or create an organized space for your home office supplies, the best 3-tier rolling cart for you is out there. With easy-glide wheels, your best rolling cart will be hassle-free and fun to move around! We have reviewed hundreds of 3-tier rolling carts and these are our favorite ones.

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Metal 3-Tier Rolling Storage Organizer Cart



Metal 3-Tier Rolling Cart

Available in multiple sizes and colors, metal 3-tier rolling carts are a household must-have. Use your cart for storing toys, books, back stock, or anything that needs portable storage.

Rolling 3-Tier Serving Cart

3-Tier Rolling Serving Cart

Do you host parties and need a way to easily make snacks and drinks available? A rolling 3-tier serving cart is the solution. It can easily fit in your pantry and be rolled out when you need it.

Ultra Durable 3-Tier Storage Utility Cart

Durable Metal Utility Cart

Perfect for storing bulk items or even tools and paint cans in the garage, this ultra durable 3-tier storage utility cart has so many potential uses. It can handle large loads while remaining easy to push around. It's made entirely of metal so it won't chip or dent like its wooden counterparts.

Convenient 3-Tier Coffee Station Cart

Rolling Coffee Cart

If you don't have enough counter space to create the coffee station you need, use a 3-tier coffee station cart. Arrange the cart to hold a coffee maker, cups, sugar, K cups, and creamer.

Wood 3-Tier Rolling Cart

Wood 3-Tier Cart

Simple and modern with a rustic wood finish, this 3-tier wood rolling cart is perfect for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or any room where you need more space. It has three large shelves to hold books, blankets, small kitchen appliances, or other items. Convenient hooks add storage for objects that can be hung.

Slim Storage 3-Tier Rolling Cart

Slim 3 Tier Storage Cart

When space is at a premium but you need some extra storage, a slim 3-tier rolling cart is ideal. Roll it bedside, into a small bathroom space, or store in a closet. You can also use this cart as a nightstand, as a book nook, or in your home office.

Large 3-Tier Rolling Cart with Storage Drawers

Large 3 Tier Cart with Drawers

When a traditional piece of furniture simply won't do, rely on a large 3-tier storage cart with drawers. This cart has plenty of room for towels, sweaters, books, office files, diapers, or anything that needs tidy storage. Easily roll the cart from room to room and take the storage wherever you need it most. 

Rolling 3-Tier Bar Cart with Handle

Bar cart

Bar carts are super convenient because they can be rolled to wherever the party is. The handles on this cart are stylish but also functional. Set up the bar cart in your dining room for a formal cocktail party or roll it out to the deck for a summer BBQ. The best rolling bar carts are attractive storage solutions that hold more than just bottles and glasses.

Kitchen 3-Tier Rolling Cart with Cutting Board

Kitchen Cart with cutting board

Short on countertop space in the kitchen? A 3-tier rolling kitchen cart with cutting board may be the perfect solution. Position the 3-tier cart in your kitchen to use as a rolling island that holds food, small appliances, and cooking utensils. Roll it outside for outdoor parties or roll it into the dining room during holiday meals. Another idea is to set up one of these carts on each floor of your multiple story home and have it prepped as a snack and drink station so that you avoid lugging drinks, plates, or snacks up and down stairs.

Mesh 3-Tier Rolling Office Cart

3 Tier Office Cart

If your home office is a small space or nook, you likely need more storage. The best way to provide that storage is with a mesh three-tier rolling office cart. A cart can be used as a bookcase, filing cabinet, office supply storage, and printer stand all in one sleek rolling cart. Use a multi-purpose cart as an office manager's dream come true or create your own unique solution for a portable home office that is easily moved from room to room as needed.

Baby Nursery 3-Tier Cart

Rolling Nursery Baby Cart

Babies keep us on our toes. Respond to every cry, boo-boo, or mess with a fully stocked baby nursery 3-tier cart. Include all of the staples like diapers, wipes, first aid, blankets, burb cloths, and a favorite teething ring. Make sure all your necessities are within reach with this multi-purpose nursery cart. With a sturdy bottom shelf, you can include toys to keep baby entertained.

Laundry Station 3-Tier Rolling Cart

Laundry 3 Tier Cart

Easily move laundry from room to room without lifting or straining. The laundry station 3-tier rolling cart includes three baskets to store laundry, laundry detergents, and even to carry clean clothes back to their respective rooms.

3-Tier Rolling Cosmetic Cart

Rolling cosmetic cart

Every fashionista needs a personal 3-tier rolling cosmetic cart. Neatly store hair dryers, flat irons, perfumes, and makeup for every occasion in your rolling cosmetic cart. Need to move to a different room with better lighting to apply your cosmetics? No problem, simply roll your fully stocked cart.

Craft Supplies 3-Tier Rolling Cart

Rolling Craft Cart

Storing crafts like knitting supplies, kids' arts supplies, and even gift wrap supplies can be tricky. They need to be accessible but they aren't used every day. Creating a portable craft station using a 3-tier rolling cart allows you to neatly organize craft supplies and conveniently roll them wherever you need them.

There is no shame in having multiple 3-tier rolling carts in your home, garage, and office for different purposes. These carts are so versatile and a must-have for anyone who wishes to tidy up their spaces.

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