10 Home Office Ideas to Motivate Your Organizing Today

Nearly two decades ago, I left corporate life to start my own online business. Since then, I have worked from a home office. Recently, I moved into my RV, where I have a substantially smaller home office. Over the years, maintaining systems and organization in my home office has been a challenge at times. 

One very important lesson I have learned is that when my home office is tidy and organized, I am happier and more productive.

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Here are some of my favorite home office ideas to help you create systems to keep your home office tidy and organized.

1. Keep Surfaces Clear

RV Home Office

This is a picture of my RV home office. Since there isn't much surface area, it is important that I keep the surfaces clear. The small table behind my chair is used for my planners and daily notes. Besides that, the surfaces are clear and free from clutter. One important way to keep surfaces clear is to switch from paper to digital. When I moved from my home into my RV, it was essential that I go paperless. I purchased this streamlined, wireless HP Envy printer and scanner and scanned in all of my important documents. I created folders in Google Docs to keep all the paper in order and at my fingertips when I need them. I love this printer- it works with Alexa and it simple to setup and use. 

Next, I became more diligent about using Evernote. I use the Business plan and rely on it for everything. I sync the Evernote app on my phone with the desktop version on my laptop. If I have an idea, make a note, take notes during a meeting, track expenses, keep track of passwords or anything else that I need to remember or access, I keep it in Evernote. It has too many features to mention, but I will say this- all of the cluttered notes that used to take up 75% of the space on my desk are now digital and organized in Evernote. 

2. Contain Your Desk Drawers

Desk Drawer Organizers

If your desk drawers are a mess with stuff thrown everywhere, this is for you. Containing your pens, office supplies, and other necessities is important to keeping them organized and within easy reach. The colorful Three By Three desk drawer organizers neatly contain everything I need. Plus, as an added bonus, the pop of color makes me happy every time I open my drawer. They come in 1" deep for shallow desk drawers and up to 5" deep for side drawers. The felt bottom keeps them from sliding- which is important to me since I travel in my RV. 

3. Tame Cords

Home office charging station

If you home office space has several cords all over, it is time to tame them. I call this my "power tower" and it is super convenient. It is vertical, so it doesn't take up much surface area and can be tucked into a cabinet or the corner of your desk. It plugs in with a retractable cord and can power your laptop, printer, USB devices and smart phone at the same time in a neat, compact space. 

When I run cords in my home office, I love to use these cute and very convenient cable clips. These tiny clips hold cables and cords in place and eliminate dreaded cord clutter. 

4. Organize Your Books

Home office book storage

As much as I LOVE my Kindle Oasis, I will never get rid of my paper books. With limited home office space and no room for a big bookshelf, I store them in these collapsible fabric storage bins with a clear window so that I can see which books are inside. They keep my books orderly, organized, clean, and dust-free. In my home office, I only store my business-related books for easy access.


5. Utilize Wall Space

Wire Home Office Wall Bins

Minimize home office clutter while keeping everything organized and within reach by using wall space. There are tons of wall systems out there, but my favorite is this Amalfi Hanging Wire Basket System. It it super sturdy but looks clean and tidy. I love that the wire baskets come with labels. Labels make the organizing system for me. 

6. Use a Standing Desk

Home office standing desk

The one thing I miss most about my previous home office was my amazing standing desk. I love this rustic looking L-shaped adjustable standing desk for so many reasons. Firstly, every medical study I have seen about sitting for long periods of time are scary. They call sitting the "silent killer." Having the flexibility to adjust your desk to accommodate standing can improve your health. Additionally, this desk is an organizational dream. It has a built in organizing box and several hooks. As an added bonus, it is simply beautiful and a wonderful additional to any home office. 

7. Invest in a Rolling Cart

Three Tier Rolling Home Office Cart

Sometimes something so simple can change everything. That is how I feel about my three-tier rolling cart. If space is an issue or if you like to work in rooms besides your home office at times, you will fall in love with this cart. The wheels are lockable and the storage shelves are adjustable. Having this cart allows me to keep my desktop clear and still have everything I need at arm's length.

8. Keep Refreshments Nearby

I am a sucker for a great beverage cooler. I firmly believe that every home office needs one. If drinking plenty of water throughout the day is an issue for you, slide a small beverage cooler under your desk in your home office and enjoy chilled drinks all day without leaving your workspace. You could even throw a bottle of wine in there for Friday afternoon!

9. Don't Settle for a Boring File Cabinet

Stylish file cabinet

When you hear "file cabinet" do you think of old, rusty metal file drawers? If so, it is time to raise your standards. File cabinets that double as a beautiful piece of furniture are my favorites. This gray rattan rolling file cabinet is an elegant piece of home office decor and hides your messy file folders. 

10. Add a Touch of Inspiration

Home office wall art

Working from home can be lonely. Sometimes, it can be hard to get started or complete your daily tasks. When demotivation strikes- and it strikes us all, be prepared with a touch of inspiration. Add some thoughtful wall art that can serve as some extra motivation on difficult days. On tough days, a simple reminder is all I need. 

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